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  1. Awesome. Thanks Chris. I'm making my way through what I can find but would still like any anecdotal feedback on the helpfulness of laser vs learning to compensate via sight. Saw the thread around DIY beamsplitters / configuring the laser to go through the middle of the snoot, and that sounds like the ideal option but I'm not very handy with DIY stuff, though will investigate further. If the consensus really is that the S&S strobes aren't great with any snoot, require a lot of compensation, or a centered laser, and it's better to get a centered strobe that has the focus light coming out the middle the same as the snoot flash, I may even look at selling the strobes and going with another option. All up in the air here!
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a snoot for my Sea&Sea YS-D2J strobes, but I've heard a lot about the fact the focus lights on the S&S is off-centre, and much more noticeably so for macro, so the focus light and the flash coming out of the snoot won't line up -- which I think will frustrate me. Having had a look through forum I've seen differing reviews of the 10Bar snoot with laser pointer, handhelds, or even just opting for a completely different strobe when it comes to snoot photography. So, I wanted to get your thoughts on the below: How difficult is it to aim on a Sea&Sea YS-D2J strobe with the 10Bar snoot, WITHOUT the laser pointer? Is this something you can get used to and compensate for? Does ADDING the laser pointer change anything? Is it significantly more helpful? Are there other snoots I should be looking at that are more suitable for my strobe? 10Bar just seems to be the most popular & accessible (to purchase in Australia) Are there other strobes I should be looking at, that will allow for a center aiming light (e.g. the focus light is the same spot as the actual output)? E.g. I hear the Ikelite DS161 has a centre focus which would be helpful, but the price is quite steep. Is there a DIY way I can configure the S&S so the focus light actually overlaps with the output? Appreciate the help in advance! Cheers, Joanna
  3. Hi all. Joanna from Sydney, new to UW photography but keen to learn more. Started diving this March as a COVID hobby and it just stuck. Happy diving all!
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