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  1. Aquatica D-90 housing with Nikon D-90 camera Comes with: 2 Aquatica dovetail bases 2 Aquatica TLC arms 4"x11x11 2 SEA AND SEA YSD1 strobes with dual sync cords 1 sola 800 focus light Aquatica 4" dome port with Aquatica dome extension Aquatica macro port 2 Aquatica port covers Aquatica moisture meters Tokina lens 10-17mm Aquatica zoom gear for Tokina lens 8 arm floats Aquatica o-ring rebuild kit 7000. invested asking $3000.00 divehammerheads@yahoo.com
  2. nice! Always thought it might be fun to dive there
  3. Think I will pass on diving with crocs
  4. What great pictures! Just love the Octopus and I have gone diving many a times at Flagpole. It is one of my favorite spots on the canal. I kept an eye on a mother and her eggs for awhile and was lucky enough to be there when she was blowing them out of the cave. I spent several hours with my head in the hole watching her and took 60-70 pictures. Very hard to focus as they are about the size of a grain of rice.
  5. My name is Dale and I have been diving since 1983, with well over 3000 dives but recently have decided to end my diving for personal reasons. Diving PNW, Caribbean, Asia and numerous other places in and out of the US. I have sold a lot of my dive gear so far and plan to list my Photo set up soon. I still enjoy keeping up on what is going on in diving and looking at everyone's pictures
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