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  1. Hello! I am looking to sell and ikelite housing for a nikon D750. The housing works great but I recently switched to Sony and would like to upgrade my housing as well. I also am willing to include the camera for an additional price. Housing includes the following components to complete a system with Nikons 105mm macro lens as well as Nikons 16-35 wide angle. 8 inch dome port FL modular flat front Fl Extension Tube for lenses ip to 5.1 inches Vacuum Kit for ensuring a tight seal All standard accessories such as Focus rings and grips Feel free to contact for more details!
  2. I LOVE that last one of just the tentacle. Really great leading line, some what abstract but you still know exactly what you’re looking at. Well done!
  3. Hey everyone! Open to critiques here. As I mentioned in my welcome post, here is my most recent photo from a trip to Thailand. Although I’ve had the housing for 2 years I don’t get to use it as much as I would like ( I live in Pennsylvania so not much chance outside of trips) but I was pretty happy how this photo turned out as a novice. Thoughts? Nikon D750 with a 105 macro.
  4. Hey everyone! New to the forum but I’ve been a wildlife photographer for some time. Decided 2 years ago to start incorporating diving with photography. I don’t get out as much as I would like to but my most recent trip was in Thailand where I got lucky enough to get some great clown fish shots! I’ll post them once I get near a computer that has them saved. I look forward to reading tips/techniques to make me a better diver and photographer.
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