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  1. Hello! I am in need of some advice in terms of monitors. I have a Sony a7siii with Ikelite housing and am very happy with it so far. I am working on a project where the producer requested a director's monitor on the surface. We'd be shooting in depths no more than 3-5m. There are scenes in a pool and scenes in open water i.e. a lido very close to the shore (a character "falls" into the water). Is there a way to connect the camera to an external monitor on the surface by any chance? I know that there's the function of connecting it to a phone but of course Wifi doesn't travel underwater, and there's also the distance problem. Do I have to purchase a Nauticam housing specifically for this purpose? Would really appreciate any advice!
  2. Hello! I am looking for a camera that does 4k in 120fps at 10bit, or a camera that can do 1080 at 120fps 10bit with good in-camera stabilisation. I found the Sony a7sIII, however I am worried about the price of the camera plus the price of the gear. Going off what I have used so far (my colleagues Sony a7sII in a Seafrog housing without tray or handles, which got a bit wobbly during filming), I have found the following (housing, dome, tray, 2 arms, 2 clamps): Isotta: 3.355€ Ikelite: 2.054€ Seafrog: $1.500 My questions are: - Can I trust a company like Seafrog without worries considering the low pricepoint? - What companies do you recommend that are below Isotta's pricepoint? - What lights do you recommend for the purposes mentioned below? - Is there a camera you would recommend instead of the Sony a7sIII? I would use this setup for commercial, short film, and documentary purposes. This means I'd be in a pool a lot of times, where I don't have to worry about a lack of lighting too much, but when I shoot in mountain lakes or the sea (Mediterranean, north and baltic sea), I would like to be able to light people and medium subjects, especially slow-motion. So far I have heavily relied on natural light if there wasn't the opportunity to light from outside the water, hence why the low-light quality of the a7sIII seems so attractive. This video showcases what I have done recently, that needs to be upgraded and improved upon: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHQc6Ofhwy7/ I'd love to hear your opinions, any advice is greatly appreciated
  3. Hello! My name is Claudia and I'm a PADI Scuba diver and AIDA freediver, I just moved from the UK to Italy. I'm mostly interested in underwater videography for commercial, short films, and documentary. I'm looking forward to gaining a lot more knowledge about it. Otherwise, I work as filmmaker on dry land. Would love to start posting my work so far on here if anyone is interested!
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