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  1. Hey WetPixel Gang! 7 months ago, my dive buddy Dalton and I started a podcast for underwater photographers called The Aquatic Life. A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have our own Adam Hanlon hang out and chat with us about all things WetPixel, along with some fun stories from Adam’s dive locker, including some of his favorite dives and favorite pics. You can check out his chat with us here: https://bit.ly/32y1qZx (or just look up ‘The Aquatic Life Podcast’ on your favorite player) You can also watch the chat on YouTube: https://bit.ly/3nheCu4 Thanks so much Adam for the great chat... it was so much fun! PS - We try to do guest interviews of divers and photographers at all levels, not just royalty like Adam. If any of you have some fun dive stories that you might be interested in sharing with us on a podcast episode, please hit us up! You can ping me here or just email us.
  2. Hi Gang! My old account and old email from 2006 are lost in the void, so am creating a new one!
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