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  1. PM sent if still available, I'm living in France. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you, I don't know why it doesn't work in english but please find attached two extract here in french:
  3. I'm just thinking about buying some new lamps too, but maybe not these Xadventure's one. For the moment I'm using RGBlue System 02 which are really good, great colors but I miss some power. The only nice test I could founded was for Keldan or Sola. I used Keldan lamps and I love the quality of the light, but I am also looking for lamps with several hours capacity for long rebreather diving. Also, I'm using Keldan RED filters so I'm thinking to put blue fiters on my future lamps, and I remain perplexed about CRI expensive price when you add a blue filters on the front. What about Bigblue 15000 lumens lamp? Someone did already compare these lamps with blue filters? They seems to have different color (warm and white) and still powerfull.
  4. Hi everybody, I'm glad to join the Wetpixel community. I am a wildlife cinematographer. I started diving at 12 before discovering freediving, and finally becoming a rebreather diver allowing me to spend hours underwater without bubbles. Always passionate about the complexity and richness of marine ecosystems, I first studied marine biology and worked on coral fish larvae in Polynesia, before becoming, over the years, an underwater cinematographer and a wildlife film director. I started with an independant movie following friends in Alaska, freedivers and photographers too. We were looking to swim with salmon sharks (extract here). After this first amazing experience, I worked for several nice project like 700 sharks into the night or Under The Pole. I am interested about averythink about video, always trying new rig or adapt some ideas underwater. On the field, I love feeling all my senses awakening and be torn between the feeling of fear and excitement that come from these intense animal encounters. I aims to melt with the environment, observe without disturbing, to better understand wild behaviours and capture these moments through my camera. I am specialised in wildlife, you could have an idea of my footage here : Showreel 2020 Happy to learn and share some tips with you on the forum.
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