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  1. Yes I get that, good point! However the housing (Subal CD5) as two different sync cable ports, 5pin and 6pin, and I never really thought about changing ports, (maybe I should do that) just carried on with the old sea & sea yellow sub 300 strobes I used in my film days (Nikon 801) I must have had the old strobes best part of 20 years and they still work! (kind of durable) I have recently used my spare single sync cable and bought new strobes hence the question. I don't know or dive with any other underwater photographers so the comments are appreciated
  2. Well need a new sync cable anyway so single sync cable ordered and drysuit packed for new zip!
  3. Great, glad to hear your advice, that will pay for the new zip in the drysuit. many thanks Graeme
  4. Hi I am very new to all this, I have been taking underwater pictures for a good while, however I would not call myself an underwater photographer. I have been using Sea & Sea Yellow Sub 300 strobes for years one connected to the camera with a sync cable the other as a "slave", happy with the results. I now have 2 new Inon 330 strobes and much prefer them, however I still have one connected to the camera with a sync cable the other as a slave. My question should I move to use a dual sync cable? All advice gratefully received regards Graeme
  5. Hi I am a diver, based West Coast Scotland who enjoys taking underwater photographs gb
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