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  1. Hi. I am using an Olympus TG-5 in an underwater housing and with a YSI-03 strobe on a remotely deployed baited camera stand to collect data on juvenile fish. The strobe is set to fire every 30 sec. over a period of 1/2 hour. For the first 18-20 minutes of the deployment, the strobe and camera work beautifully. Then, the strobe skips firing every second image through the rest of the deployment. Any ideas on why the strobe would take longer to recharge after two shots after working so well? I work in Alaska, where the water temps are usually around 46 F (8 C). My initial thought was that the cold might be affecting the battery on either the strobe or the camera, but in that case I would have expected it to miss every other shot, not every second shot. Anyone have experience with cold water photography with similar equipment? Thanks!
  2. Hi. I'm Katharine. I live in Alaska and do most of my diving in the Gulf of Alaska and the Arctic. I am a fisheries oceanographer by training and most of my diving is work related. I also use independently deployed video and still cameras for research on fish and invertebrates. I'm always looking for new equipment and techniques to improve my photography, and this looked like an interesting place to be.
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