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  1. Hi there, Thank you for the kind words and inquiry. I will definitely be willing to sell the dome port separately but I need to wait and see if I can't just sell everything as a package deal. Check back in with me in two weeks. Thanks!!!
  2. Hey Ocean Warriors, I am selling my entire Panasonic GH5 underwater set up which will have you in the water shooting cinema grade 4K 60p immediately. I bought all of the Nauticam and Zen gear from Reef Photo in FL and can happily share the original email receipts. This whole rig has been on approximately 10 dives in the past two years and I have taken extremely good care of everything so it will feel brand new and ready to roll. Here are two sample videos I shot with this rig: Total Price for everything is $5930 but I will consider $5700 from a serious buyer. Ideally I want to sell everything as a package deal but I will consider selling it all in pieces once I see what kind of response I get from this listing in the next 30 days. Package includes: 1. Panasonic GH5 camera w/original box, 4 batteries, and two chargers (worth roughly $1100) 2. Leica DG Vario 8-18mm f2.8-4 lens w/original box (worth roughly $850) 3. Nauticam NA GH5 Housing (worth roughly $2000) 4. Nauticam Zoom gear for that lens (worth roughly $250) 5. Nauticam m14 vacuum valve 2 (worth roughly $220) 6. Nauticam N85-N120 55mm Port adapter (worth roughly $420) 7. Nauticam N120 extension ring 30 w/lock (worth roughly $290) 8. Zen DP 170-N120 Underwater 170mm optical glass dome port (worth roughly $800) I have tons of photos but can’t upload here because of the file size limits. Please message me!! Thanks!!
  3. Hey everybody. I just got my canon R5 to replace my Panasonic GH5 in a nauticam housing and now I need to build my underwater set up for the R5. I want to stick with Nauticam because I was very pleased with all the features for my GH5 but Once I priced out the nauticam set up it came out to about $7200. I see that aquatica is a lot cheaper. What are the pros and cons? Will I lose camera functionality or ergonomics with the cheaper aquatica?? Thanks!!!
  4. Hey has anyone had the chance to film some 4K 120 or 8K 24 underwater with the new canon R5? I would love to see some sample footage of Pelagics or reefs. Thanks!!! Just got my hands on one and now I have to pull the trigger on the housing, dome port etc etc
  5. Hello my name is Wilson and I am an underwater cinematographer / wildlife conservationist from Sarasota, FL. I am excited to join the group and meet like minded people who shoot and love the ocean!
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