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  1. I got the conversion parts for the a6000 and it's working fine, it's just baffling that the remote USB cable for the pistol grip isn't behaving like every other USB remote cable. But I'll try email them and see what the deal is.
  2. I bought a barely used Salt Frog water housing for a Sony A6000 that came with a pistol grip. Everything appears to be fine, however, the pistol grip won't take a shot, only autofocus. Any idea what settings I need to change in my Sony A6000 to make the pistol grip work properly? My above water USB remote trigger works, so I'm baffled here. Couldn't find any other topic in the forum that addressed this. Thanks in advance! - HW
  3. Hey everyone! Been shooting for a while, a mix of underwater and normal. Recently upgraded my underwater shooting with a salt frog housing for an A6000. But having some issues that hopefully I can get some help with. and yes, I'm in Hawaii.
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