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  1. I just received a Sony A7R IV and matching Nauticam housing from Goluchmas. Unit arrived extremely well packed, with almost all of the original documentation, packaging, and like-new boxes. It's "used," but you'd never know from looking at it. He was friendly and helpful and shipped it within a few hours of having agreed on the price. 5-stars, would def buy again.
  2. Your local hardware store sells end-caps for PVC in a variety of sizes. Just glue those babies on the ends of your pipe. Diameter and length depend on how much buoyancy you need; just run the calculations for the volume inside the pipe. Collapse pressure depends on diameter and the weight of the pipe. 2" PVC is rated to something like 300psi collapse pressure, which ought to be plenty.
  3. I've been a dry-land photographer for a long time, and would love to take my EOS 6D (Mark I, before the Mark II was dreamt of) underwater. The camera's old enough that I'm hesitant to pay the full retail $5,000ish USD to take my setup in the water. I'm specifically looking at Nauticam because I do tech diving, and plan on soon going deeper than the Ikelite goes. I also do photogrammetry, and have heard that the interface for a key feature is *slightly* better with the Nauticam than the Aquatica. I'd be open to an Aquatica, if the price was right, of course, but it's the #2 choice. Does anybody have an old NA-6D housing + dome port (the acrylic one would be fine) they feel like selling? Thanks, much appreciated. Dan
  4. I really like the wet towel idea -- that's genius. I can carry a wet towel in a bag, or a small gear bin, and just soak my camera stuff until I can get home and soak it properly in my driveway. Great idea!
  5. I've actually had shockingly good success using PVC pipe. It's cheaper than anything, takes no time at all to make exactly the right size for whatever buoyancy you need, and can be made using sturdy enough to get depth ratings deeper than you can go. On the down-side, you'll get made fun of every time you pull it out. Here you are with a $10K camera rig using $3 PVC floats. lol. Funny related story: a buddy and I were working on a project involving video lights. We had borrowed a set of 4, each weighing about 2lbs in fresh water. On a previous dive, we had learned that this negative buoyancy was problematic, so I made super low cost floats out of PVC pipe. We'd work for a bit, then switch off who had camera+lights and who just had lights. Turns out that two of the PVC floats were leaking, slowly enough that I didn't realize I was becoming negatively buoyant. When we went to exchange functions, I took the neutral lights from her, and she took the 4lb lights from me. Took us both a second to realize what was happening, during which time I ascended a few feet and she bombed into the silty muck. No harm done, but we still get a laugh out of it.
  6. Re #1: When boat diving, I typically see boats carry a 5gal bucket full of fresh water specific for camera rinsing. This works great for shore divers who have trucks, as well. I have a small car, and am often on the ragged edge of having enough room to haul all of my stuff to the dive site. Short of buying a truck, any words of wisdom on how to carry enough water to fully immerse the expensive stuff? Re #2: I built a dehumidification cabinet for my gear, and it rocks. I can provide pictures / design if anyone is interested. It's basically a 2x4x4 box with a shelf, a drain, and a dehumidifier. I come back after a dive, rinse everything in the driveway, then hang it up in the cabinet. Even soggy neoprene dries overnight!
  7. Hello everyone. I've been a photographer my whole life. My parents had a darkroom in every house I lived in growing up. I built my first darkroom in the second apartment I rented, and ended up doing large format B&W. When I moved to Seattle, I got into diving and realized that I needed to take my photography underwater. I've been shooting with a slowly improving range of GoPro cameras, and really ought to step up my game. :)
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