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  1. Hi Phil,

    I did some research and it seems that the price for sending and  customs and import costs will be at least 1500 euros.  Thats a little bit to much for me ☹ 

    I really liked the setup and your offer but the distance and therefor the costs make it a less interesting deal ☹ 

    Too bad because i really wanted to buy it if the situation was different.  ☹

    I whish you all the best with selling your set and i am really sorry for waisting ur time ☹

    Kind regards,


  2. 49 minutes ago, pmcc said:

    yes, it is a very good deal. but it has no value sitting unused.

    If you give me your address, I can get a shipping quote. Last one I checked was very expensive to ship with insurance....

    I have no idea how I could warranty the system?


    First of all i hope you dont get me wrong. It is not that i dont trust you. Its more like a question because i am thinking about a way to make this work,  and what the cost of shippment and declarations would be.  First i need to figure that one out..   my adress is in Belgium.  I will search for prices or ways for such a transfer and after that i can decide to make a deal or not.   Your offer is good...     but practically its not that simpel...   

    Have a nice day!

    Kind Regards,



  3. 26 minutes ago, Oskar@RetraUWT said:

    Unfortunately the Original Retra Flash does not have any option to update firmware outside of our workshop but this can be solved if you send the product to us for a firmware update.


    Thanks Oskar. I recently sended my original retra in for a repair. So with a bit of luck, they also updated the firmware? 


    Thanks a lot for the link and feedback! 

    28 minutes ago, TimG said:

    If you are snooting, I can really recommend the Supercharger.

    I've now used mine for 4-5 dives and it makes a big difference to how much shooting you can do in snoot mode - bearing in mind that, in general, with the Retra Prime, I have to go +2 or even +3 on the Retra power dial with a snoot in place. Less maybe with the Pro. But still heavy on batteries. The Supercharger solves that. It too is beautifully designed and built

    Thanks a lot TimG.  I will certainly do some further testing and will think about the supercharger addon.    

    Thanks guys!! 

  4. 8 hours ago, Oskar@RetraUWT said:

    You're welcome.

    Please note that the Original Retra Flash has a narrower flash beam and therefore less power is used for snooting. With the Prime/PRO the flash beam is considerably wider and more evenely spread (ideal for wide angle) but this also means that for snooting a higher power level is used to achieve the same result as with with Original.

    In any case the new Mounting module will provide much better light output and I guess you already noticed that the pilot light is much brighter with the new models.

    I will test it as soon as i can and hope to get rid of my doubts.   

    The reason i bought the pro was the more powerfull strobe and the more lumens pilotlight for snooting.  I never thought about physics of the flashbeam that would result in a need for higher flash output by snooting, more battery drain and longer recycle times for my snooting.   

    I really loved the original retra for snooting, only there was the known thermal problem when snooting with the pilotlight at his highest setting.  

    As last, i think Retra really did a great job and they build very good hardware.  So this is really not a way to bring Retra down or make other people doubt about retra. 

  5. 7 hours ago, TimG said:

    Cool. Really nice, kevinds. You must be really pleased with those :good:

    I've looked at thousands of shots out of Lembeh (I used to work there) and the nudi and ambionsis are some of the nicest I've seen. 


    7 hours ago, adamhanlon said:

    Love the pygmy!

    Sunbeams and polyps out. Wonderful :)


    Thank you very much for this kind words!! 

  6. I will think about it..    

    I am interested, but need to think it over..   any idea how much it would cost to send it to Belgium?  And how to arrange such a thing practicaly?  I mean payment, shipping,  warranty for both sides in this deal.    I ask it because i never buyed something overseas and certain not without doing it by a webshop. ☺

    I ask myself why such a good deal stays unanswered..     if it looks to good to be true, mostly it is...      forgive me my way of thinking...  

  7. 5 hours ago, pmcc said:


    Which area are you from?  And is there a zoom gear for the tokina?   

    Can you operate all the buttons from the d7200 in the d7100 housing?  


    Shuttercount less then 1000?  Thats only one or 2 dives with this body?


    Whats your reason to sell? 

    Thank you for your answers! 

  8. 8 minutes ago, Oskar@RetraUWT said:

    Hi Kevin

    The Mounting module for the Original Retra Flash does not work well with the Prime/PRO models due to wider beam spread and lamp shape. Please try with the Mounting module that was made especially for the PRO/Prime models.

    Please remember that you need to change the diffuser (it comes supplied with the new Mounting module) because the diffuser that was supplied for the Original Retra Flash will not work well for the Prime/PRO. We've had a few cases where photographers used the old diffuser and the results were not as they should have been.

    The difference between using the old Mounting module/diffuser and the new set is substantial.

    Thank you very much! I hope to make a dive next week and i certainly will experiment with the new module and will also change the diffuser! Thank you for your answer!! 

    I hope with this combo to improve my accuracy and lighting as i was used from the original retra.   

    Thanks and keep up the good work!  Have a nice day!

  9. On 7/29/2020 at 9:57 AM, Oskar@RetraUWT said:

    As Chris mentioned the design of the flashtube plays a major role in how light is distributed and the power output. How the flashguns perform in wide angle situations can be seen here: https://www.retra-uwt.com/pages/flashgun-light-comparison

    In macro situations the differences in light beam spread are same but come out less visible (especially on subjects that are very 3D) because the light beam is compressed onto a small area. If we measure the light beam of the Z-240 coming out of the LSD Ultimate snoot, the uniformity of the beam is considerably less than with the Retra Flash PRO. Although in macro photography this is less of an issue.

    When comparing both these flashguns for snooting with the LSD Ultimate or a homemade DIY snoot the biggest difference worth noting is the placement of the pilot light. Having a central pilot light being a much better experience when positioning the light.

    Hi Oskar,


    First, a big thanks for your input and efforts every time!


    I would like to know if there are plans for adapting the LSD or find workarounds so it will be possible to use the LSD on the retra pros without having to use a strobe output from 75-100% while shooting macro?

    I received the new mounting module for my retra pro, but had no time yet to test this.  I hope the experience will feel much better then whit the mounting module from the original retra on the pro strobe.   When i tried to use this combination it was really dissapointing but thanks to your posts here i found out that another module might be a solution so i ordered one but had no chance to take it underwater yet.  

    Just for info, do you know if it is possible to upgrade the pilot light on a original retra?   Thanks in advance for answering and a big thumbs up for all your hard work and efforts!! 

  10. 19 minutes ago, TimG said:

    Super pics. I really  like the nudi shot. Did you use a snoot?

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. As you mentioned, I was using a retra LSD for the nudi shot.  The second shot was with the 8mm Olympus, without strobes and i underexposed to become the silhouet with as result this double exposure.  ☺

    Kind Regards! 

  11. Hello,

    My name is Kevin and i am a Belgian Underwater Photographer since 5 years.

    I am still in the beginners stage, although i won some gold and silver medals the past 2 years in Open Belgian Competition. 

    I use an Olympus omd m1 mk2 camera in a nauticam housing. Lighting with strobes from Retra and most of the time i do Macro with the Retra LSD.

    I love this forum and hope to learn a lot and if possible share some things with you guys.

    Keep safe! 

    And thanks for accepting! 

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