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  1. Cyan Planet has finally lunched the kickstarter campaign for "How is the Water". This fun interactive project will hopefully bring the beauty of underwater world to people who would not experience it otherwise. I believe in such project to spark the love and improve awareness of the problems with our oceans. Please if you are interested more read the campaign and if you would, your contribution to this project will be valued.
  2. Hi, I am an ambassador for Cyan Planet (https://www.cyanplanet.org/). If you are a photographer or videographer and you want to do some good for the planet through your hobby, then share with us your pictures, videos and stories, help to build the community who will spread the word about issues of ocean. Best way to start is to contact directly Cyan Planet at. You can also reach me for questions of course.
  3. Hi, I am MCH Martin Chvoj from small inland country of Czechia, an amateur but enthusiastic photographer. I have started with my underwater photography at beginning of 2018, when I bought Nauticam housing and strobes for my Canon 5D MIV. Since then I have been living Philippines and travel around that part of the world. I have been lucky to photo everything from small nudi branches and little shrimps through mantas and sharks all over to humpback and blue whales. Sine 2020 I am being also an ambassador for emerging non-profit project Cyan Planet, which gives me bit of spiritual fulfillment as an contributor to help the raise the awareness of problems in oceans.
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