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  1. Hi Phil, do you know if the WACP-C is the same optical formula than the WWL-1, or it has been improved? Is the WACP-C worth the Upgrade if I have a WWL-1 on the Sony a1 with a 28-60mm from the pure optical/sharpness standpoint? Thanks!!
  2. Hi, Was reading your mail and I think that the Focus Knob will actually be the one actuating the Zoom gear to bought. AT least that's the way it works on other systems I have
  3. Thanks!, that really simplifies my decision making process and will get the 28-60 Please let me know how it goes when you get the port and take it for a test
  4. Hi, In cave you need to push all settings to a limit, with the Sony a7RIII in caves I'm shooting at ISO6400 1/15sec (or less. handheld) at that using f4.5, so is clearly a compromise on corner sharpness, and that where the 8-15 with the mini glass dome was a hair sharper You can check those images in https://www.martinbroen.com/#/underworld/ Do you know which port or extension you need for the 28-60mm zoom?
  5. Thanks for the great feedback I do own a WWL-1 which I used with the 28mm (in a Full Frame ) but I kind of drift away from it to the Canon 8-15mm as an even more compact option and a tiny sharper. But the points you say about going for a Zoom lens and the potential combination with the CMC is an option I will have to try! My interest in the WACP-1 was about corner sharpness while wide open as im almost always shooting in challenging light conditions (Cave diving) and I hoped it will let me go to a f4 being sharp.
  6. On the same topic, What's the best Sony native or third party lens to use with the WACP-1?? Is it the Sony 28-70 f3.5-5.6 , the new Sony 28-60mm or something else?? And is the WWL-1 worthy in quality compared to the size and cost to the WWL-1??
  7. The WWL-1 also works with the Sony 28mm prime. But in terms of quality I will use the Canon 8-15mm instead (Fixed at 15mm)
  8. Hi all I'm still looking for a copy of the Sea&Sea 12mm f/ 3.5 Sea&Sea Fisheye lens for Nikonos Let me know if you have one to sell. Or even if you are in the US and I can borrow it for a test trip Thanks! Martin
  9. That's great, and while I was already managing the layer density and border thinness I havn't tried the epoxy on the "O" ring groves. I like that one! At work I do have x12 3D Printers (5 different types, mostly FDM) and I really love the Markforge for these type of camera/lights accessories. the resolution is great and the addition of the pre-chopped carbon or added continuous filament of carbon fiber or Kevlar is great for structural parts Thanks again for the info
  10. Curious on which 3D printer you use and if you do any treatment to the surface to guarantee is watertight over time? I personally use a Markforged with the Onyx material (micro carbon fiber filled nylon) for my underwater adaptations, as while nylon is not ideal for underwater the added carbon makes it very resistant, but I'm not doing parts that compromise the seal of the camera either
  11. Thanks for that data! is super useful. where you got those specs?? is there any data on the corner sharpness between those 2 lenses? So you got the Sea&sea recently, or you had it from the past and never tried it on a new system? Can I assume you got the Nauticam adapter for the Sony mirrorless? Thanks again!
  12. Just got the KEH one. Thanks for the heads up!!! Martin
  13. Thanks Ian! good advice! saw that one in e-Bay, but that one will not qualify for the "optically perfect"
  14. Thanks, for the info. Can I ask how you Like the Sea&Sea 12mm?? How sharps is it on the corners? and how wide is it compare with other lenses? Asking as I tried the Nikonos 15mm and feels more like a 17-18mm And let me know if you ever change your mind and want to sell it :) Thanks again Martin
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