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  1. To my Seacam D850, I already have a small wideport dome it does not perform very well with my 14 mm nikkor, so I want a better dome if I buy a superdome, will I then be able to use an 8-15 mm fisheye in the superdome as well as my 14 mm, or do I have to buy 2 expensive dome ports, the super dome and the Fisheye dome.
  2. thank you all !! it is difficult to find the right answer, I think I will start testing with the 14 mm and a large dome
  3. Hi Adam Last year just before I went to Raja Ampat I upgraded my gear I have a 14-24 2,8 but it didn't fit in my Seacam Compact Dome so I board a 14 mm NIKKOR (because 12 years ago I used a Sigma 14 mm ) I was sure it was the right choice , then I started watching Wetpixel and Wetpixel live and found out that the 14-24 isn't performing under water and the cheaper 16-35 was better, but now I have the 14 mm and the compact Dome, what would be the best thing to do ? get a super dome and use it with the 14 mm. or sell the 14 mm and get a 16-35 mm ( the camera is a Nikon D850) the compact dome and the 14 mm has rather blurry corners.
  4. Thanks I believe that's the one
  5. I shot this photo in Raja Ampat in February 2020, but the pictures i have found online of Waspfishes doesn't match this one, anyone in the community who knows it ? best regards Peter
  6. Hi I am Peter Gregersen I have been making UW.Photos since I startet to work on a public Aquarium in 1993 as a commercial diver, but after a brake from UW photography I am impressed how much new has happened wow I am back, and learning every day, it makes me happy.
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