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  1. thanks Phil I don't own one now, but I saw one to a very good price, and wondered if I should get it.
  2. Thanks Chriss I have read the tests and topics on wide angle lenses both fisheye and rectilinear and I own several wideangle lenses, but I have never seen anything about the Milvus, and it might be the best ever if no-one have used it. Peter
  3. I wonder if anyone in the comunity , has ever used the Zeiss Milvus 18 mm 2,8 behind a Domeport. I remember reading that David Doubilet had nikon cameraes customised so he was able to use Contax (zeiss) lenses in the old days because of the quality (better debt of field) but it was for macro photography. but what about a rektalinear ? is it any good ? best regards Peter
  4. Hi Tom it is a full frame Nikon D850 these are 2 eksamples of my wife in Silfra Iceland, it was a grey and rainy day with very poor light, so I tryed with the flash at full power, iso 400, F8, s 1/60, and the other foto is flash 1/8, iso 400, F3,2 , s 1/50 of cause the one with F 3,2 have the worst corners but still they are not god in any of them, seen in the mirror, I shud have gone higher in iso, but on land I am not happy to go higher than 800 iso and its only one stop.
  5. I wonder if the superdome work as well with 8-15 mm fisheye lens from nikon, as the Fisheyedome ? I have a 14 mm nikon and a Seacam wideport and the corners are rather bad, so I want to upgrade, if I get the superdome it will be fine for splitlevel shots as well ? and I will get much better corners both with the 14 mm. and the 8-15 mm Fisheye ?
  6. To my Seacam D850, I already have a small wideport dome it does not perform very well with my 14 mm nikkor, so I want a better dome if I buy a superdome, will I then be able to use an 8-15 mm fisheye in the superdome as well as my 14 mm, or do I have to buy 2 expensive dome ports, the super dome and the Fisheye dome.
  7. thank you all !! it is difficult to find the right answer, I think I will start testing with the 14 mm and a large dome
  8. Hi Adam Last year just before I went to Raja Ampat I upgraded my gear I have a 14-24 2,8 but it didn't fit in my Seacam Compact Dome so I board a 14 mm NIKKOR (because 12 years ago I used a Sigma 14 mm ) I was sure it was the right choice , then I started watching Wetpixel and Wetpixel live and found out that the 14-24 isn't performing under water and the cheaper 16-35 was better, but now I have the 14 mm and the compact Dome, what would be the best thing to do ? get a super dome and use it with the 14 mm. or sell the 14 mm and get a 16-35 mm ( the camera is a Nikon D850) the compact dome and the 14 mm has rather blurry corners.
  9. Thanks I believe that's the one
  10. I shot this photo in Raja Ampat in February 2020, but the pictures i have found online of Waspfishes doesn't match this one, anyone in the community who knows it ? best regards Peter
  11. Hi I am Peter Gregersen I have been making UW.Photos since I startet to work on a public Aquarium in 1993 as a commercial diver, but after a brake from UW photography I am impressed how much new has happened wow I am back, and learning every day, it makes me happy.
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