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  1. I normally check my diving gears and the pelican 1560 (housing, dome and extension). The rest (camera, lens, strobes, charger and more) on my backpack but I made sure the weight for the carry-on does not exceed the limit so to not check them in. But you're right if your carry-on pelican gets checked in, it does look much more sturdy than the thinktank.
  2. Thanks for the info Chris. Will try the weight on my next dive + ext 80 for sure, sounds easy enough ! Also will try to shoot more with my 16-35 in the N120 extension ring 30+ Nauticam 180mm dome set to see some more result, I only did 2 dives trying the setup on my last dive trip to Nusa Penida and Raja Ampat last month. The result were ok, but then again it was only few shots on each dive. I saved a big space on my pelican with the ext 30 instead of the 80.
  3. Hi imacro, It's around 4kg ? which is as heavy as a thinktank airport take off. It should be ok if you don't carry much, as the carry-on luggage weight limit at 7kg normally. If i carry extra lenses, spare strobe and extra body, i normally use the thinktank streetwalker pro back pack as the bag it self only weight around 1.5 kg.
  4. Did the rig become slightly more buoyant again as you're finishing the dives in the shallow (5m) ? my nikon rig does the same always more buoyant in the shallow less than 6m ! Thanks for the info on your rig. Was asking because my 16-35mm Nikon setup with the 80mm extension ring+Nauticam 180mm was so buoyant underwater, and even worse that it was soo hard to bring it down underwater when i was swimming with whale in Tahiti. I'm just thinking if i should sell my 80mm extension ring, now that i found out my nikon 16-35 fits into my housing+ N120 extension ring 30+ Nauticam 180mm dome set which is much less buoyant (intended for 8-15mm + 1.4 tc setup) even though the lens positioned so close to the dome's glass.
  5. Thanks for the Info Chris, Found this website http://www.cameradecision.com and did some checking just now n glad to know my Nikkor 8-15 and 16-35 diameters are all less than 89mm. Fortunately all of the listed suggested wide-zoom lenses on nikon nauti port chart with /less wide than 16mm, the diameters are all less than 90mm. All of the fisheyes (and apsc dx) lenses are smaller and should be ok too, with the Nikkor 8-15 being the largest vs tokina 10-17, sigma 15, and nikkor 16. As you suggested, seems like it applies to some of the wide zoom nikon FF mount (FX) with FL between 12-15mm and has around 90mm+ that might be affected. Thanks !
  6. Hi Chris, On the nikon case, with N100 z50 housing with the additional N100 to 120 adapter, is it really that we wont be able to insert the camera with lens attached say with the largest native z 14-24mm F2.8s (89mm diameter) or the F (dx) mount Nikon 10-24mm (83mm) ? thanks ia
  7. Hi Imacro, My answer are in blue : 1) how do you pack and travel on plane with the rig? In a carry on luggage, the provided Nauticam case or some special foam protected case? Housing, dome and port extension are in pelican case (foam protected inside). But your a7c housing is small enough, it might fit in carry on luggage such as thinktank backpack streetwalker pro, or thinktank airport take off (with rolling wheel) where i pack my camera, strobes, lens, and others i.e float. arm 2) how do you bring it to the dive boat and keep it safe esp the strobes the whole trip? a lanyard would be helpful and always tuck the strobe inward and keep the dome covered until you get in the water. 3) how do you carry it into the water? Get into the water first and ask someone to hand it to you after? unless it's a negative entry dive, it'd be better to get into the water first and ask someone to hand it to you 4) do you throw the rig into the gear water bucket in between dives? I’m concerned others will throw their gears in and may damage my rig. unless they have a separated watered bucket for cameras, it's better to keep where it's safe and a bit out of reach of other equipment and tanks ! I also keep the neoprene dome cover wet. 5) has anyone slipped and dropped their rig while they are on the water surface? Does it actually floaty enough for you to catch it? I try to always have enough float to keep the rig neutrally buoyant underwater in 10-15 meters. This way it will be just slightly positively buoyant on or near the surface just in case it slipped. Hope this useful and have fun !
  8. Hi Whipauee, On your test of the nauticam 180mm dome with the 16-35mm, what length of extension port did you use, and how did you like the balance and buoyancy of the setup ? Did you use the recommended length in the chart ? Thanks !
  9. Thanks for sharing the interesting insight from the design team Phil ! Makes me wonder even more that they did not opt with N100 when they launched the housing for z7ii last Jan. Knowing that nikon mirrorrless lens wide angle 14-30mm been launched since 2 years ago and 14-24mm nov 2020 and that nikon already announced the lens roadmap for their macro lens when the z7ii was launched last oct. (Nikon doesnt have native z fisheye yet, but neither does sony, and the F mount 8-15mm works well with the ftz). If to begin with, their setup was already travel oriented (i.e wide/fisheye dome 4.33, 140mm or even 180mm & macro port 60 with extension 30). As it is, with the nauticam Nikon z50 housing, Nikon apsc dslr nauticam shooters have the option to migrate to a much more compact travel friendly mirrorless apsc system N100 mount. (with only having to buy 1 port adapter N100 to N120, and still be able to use their already owned gears and ports) https://www.nauticam.com/pages/n100-nikon-z-mount-dx-format-port-chart . This option currently not available to nauticam Nikon FF shooters as the only option is the larger na z7ii/z6ii housing which was sized similarly W &H with the nikon's D850 instead of with i.e much smaller Sony a7siii housing that has m24 opening (camera body is only 4mm smaller W&H). Not unless changing to other housing brands, which currently uncomplicated for some with the help of port mount adapters that would negate the need of buying new ports.
  10. Interesting observation about the clamp mechanism chris ! The Nauticam a7c is a dream in term of compactness ! Which is very much in line with one of the benefit of having a mirrorless system. Maybe this type of housing n mechanism should be the way forward. I hope they have such compact housing for nikon ff mirrorless in the future ! I think they could have launched a much more compact housing for the z7ii. Knowing that they already could downsized it with the earlier-launched na z50 housing with N100 opening (that allows the use of the FTZ and legacy lenses, preowned ports and gears with just 1 additional port adapter extension N100 to N120) despite only slightly smaller camera than z7ii.
  11. I thought so too Phil, and agree those are the reasons when the z7 and z6 first came out 2.5 years ago. However with the mark iis launch and the scheduled Z lens roadmap, I thought it's a missed opportunity for Nauticam to not have a more compact housing for nikon's latest FF (Z7ii/6ii). It was encouraging at first when they launched a much smaller housing for the slightly smaller z50 cam (0.25 inch - W & H) while still allows the use of the FTZ and legacy lenses with an additional port extension). Im hoping their housing will be more compact for their future Z ff housing although i doubt that would be the case for the upcoming z9 considering that the cam will have a built in vertical grip.
  12. This had me puzzled too. The isotta housing for the z7ii is much smaller compared to the Nauticam regardless needing an extension ring for the ftz . What i dont understand is, most of the sony FF housing, i.e A7s iii (being just a fraction smaller than nikon), their nauticam housing is much smaller vs nikon. The sony a7siii housings are sized similarly between Isotta and Nauticam.
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