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  1. @BJF66 Sweet thanks, I'll have a look.
  2. Hmm looking to balance my other type 4 for now. Thanks though.
  3. @adamhanlon Got a response to a WTB post from a user “mallyQow” that was almost identical to one I got from “lesspendergrass01” offering a third party email (walkermathew448@gmail.com) that I should message. FYI.
  4. Looking for one Z240 to go with my other one. Would be open to a Z330 depending on the price. Thanks!
  5. @wag7k2012 are you on full frame DSLR? I am considering the same trip and shoot crop sensor full frame. I don't have anything wider than 10mm which is 15mm equivalent. To the others, is that wide enough?
  6. Beautiful! I haven't been to Angelita, hopefully on my next trip!
  7. @Bevanj Like oisin, I am curious if you are still in the flash trigger making game. I have an a6400 that I am looking for a trigger for. I sent you a PM as well. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm currently based in Central Florida since Covid, but previously was working as an instructor and running a dive resort in Thailand. I've been shooting on Sony compact for 3 years, but my background is land based photography in the form of photojournalism. Making the switch to a6xxx series Sony and ports and ttl triggers and all that kind of fun stuff. It feels like I'm learning everything all over again! Thanks, Logan
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