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  1. Nope, no plans on selling my little Olympus. There will definitely be days where my compact will be preferred.
  2. Solo diving is frowned upon in South Africa, especially when diving through a dive operator. But the DM's do allow a bit of grace when they see you are confident, correct buoyancy and keeping within visible distance to him and the group. Not even 2 pony bottles will help you get out of trouble if you don't carry the correct tools with you. I always dive with a sharp knife mounted on my BCD (within my golden triangle). Had to cut a friend loose a while back from a bunch of fishing line that was bundled on a reef in Mozambique. Common sense is probably your best tool available to your disposal.
  3. Hi Adam There are a lot of rumors on the net about new and upgraded cameras for this year, so it might be best to wait and see wat is launched on marked and make a decision from there. Thank you for the Wetpixel episodes on a regular basis, real wealth of information and keeping current.
  4. I've been playing around with compacts underwater over last few years and have recently made up my mind to upgrade. I do 98% stills (both macro and wide angle) and coming from compacts, the next logical step would be micro 4/3,...., from what I've read and researched. I've always been a big Olympus fan, I love the OM-D series cameras but with the current Olympus situation, lack of local infrastructure and a major investment that must last and be adaptable to future upgrades, I've decided to go b@!!$ to wall and go full fame (go big or go home right. LOL) I really like the both the Nikon D850 and Nikon Z7, except for focus issues with the Z7 compared to the D850. I’m not really concerned about size and weight as majority of my diving is done in locations not requiring flying to get there. Nikon recently released the Z7 II with various improvements like the two EXPEED 6 processors, “which improves ….., including its buffer, autofocus, ….”. But nowhere have I been able to find any underwater reviews on the new Z7II. Has anyone been able to do some diving with the new Z7II and if so, how does it compare to its predecessor?
  5. Thank you to all for the excellent advice and inputs above, much appreciated!! I found a local local dry suit manufacturer based in Cape Town, "Cape Gear" (blueuflash.co.za), that I want to visit when back home during my rotational leave. Better peace of mind to have the manufacturer in your same town, should something go wrong or need repairs. They also do repairs to all brands and types of dry suits with a reputable history, even better peace of mind.... From the above responses, I made a pro/con list and the tri-lam suit does have more pro's than cons for my requirements. Relatively more expensive on the initial investment but more cost effective over time for sure. Once again, thank you for this platform and to everyone for their valuable input.
  6. Thank you to both TimG and GeorgeH for the valuable info shared. I tend to support GeorgeH more in my case as the South African coast is fairly rugged, I was looking at one of the shore entry spots the other day where the guys had to climb over boulders lined with sharp mussels just to get to the water and a Trilam will mos definately get damaged easily in our conditions. I just had a look at the Bare Sentry Tech Dry, wow......if only we had a Bare dealer in South Africa, import taxes for us pushes the price up about 40%, again it becomes super expensive. But I have a good idea what to look out for now and will focus on similar but more towards local available brands like the Scubapro ExoDry 4. Once again, thank you.
  7. Hi I know this is a photography forum but hope you guys can help. I've been diving since the age of 12 and have done plenty and bit of diving. The problem is that I've been fortunate my whole life diving in temperate to warm waters where the water temperature rarely goes below 18C. Now living in Cape Town, South Africa, the water temp ranges from 8C to about 16C max from a few discussions I've had with divers in the area. I've always dived in 3mm to max 5mm wetsuits and have to invest in some warmer gear. I have zero experience in these cold conditions and have been looking at semi-dry suits to neoprene dry and tri-lam suits. Tri-lam suits is out of my budget range as I'm currently saving to start building a new camera rig. A lot of diving in Cape Town are shore entries and boat launches so the suit need to be tough to withstand a bit of work. Are there any of you cold water experts on here that can provide some sound advice on decent suits, what to look for and what to avoid?
  8. Howzit everyone I'm from South Africa, been scuba diving since the age of 12, been a NAUI instructor for nearly 10 years and have always messed around with point & shoot cameras as you always have students to look after. Been thinking about it for a while and finally made the call to step away from teaching and take my underwater photography more serious. Also, I've recently moved to Cape Town, South Africa, a city located where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet and we are spoiled for choice when it comes to dive locations ranging from reef, kelp, wrecks, sharks, shore entries and boat dives. Will be an interesting change to cold water diving as I've always been spoiled with the warm Indian ocean on the South African north-east coast and Mozambique. Coming from a point & shoot background my camera is an Olympus TG5, I've always been a big Olympus fan so I've made the decision to migrate over to the Olympus 4/3 systems. Been doing a lot research and the WetPixel site is just so rich with information and support from the threads I've read. Hope to learn a lot more form everyone here. Anyways, beck to building sky castles.......
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