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  1. Hi everyone - I have one (1) Inon Z-330 for sales. I've used it a handful of times so there is some normal wear but I've only owned it for about a year but am transitioning now into video lights. This strobe works perfectly. FREE US ground shipping since I am in Florida, for international shipping the buyer has to take care of it. Price is $550 and I will accept PayPal or Zelle. Email me at egonz082@fiu.edu Thanks, Edwin
  2. Hi everyone! Trying to get some feedback of combining 1 strobe and 1 video light in the same rig. I love taking photos but also enjoy creating short videos of 3 or 4 minutes of the dives I do. Currently I only own 1 strobe (because that's what I could afford) and now I have the funds to purchase another light but I have the dilema of buying another strobe or getting a video light so that I can get better video footage and then combine them both when taking still photography... all this because at the moment I can't afford 2 strobes and 2 video lights. I appreciate the comments. Thanks!
  3. I've used HLG3 and it's terrible! Will see if Cine2 is available, if not I guess I'll have to keep working with my gopro and good light boooo
  4. Hi everyone, I'm from Honduras but live in Miami. Been diving for about 15 years and love underwater photography. Really excited of becoming part of this community (better late than never) and hope I can learn from all of you and also share any useful experiences I've had. Thanks, Edwin
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