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  1. Any reasons why you would not go with the Sea Arm VI? thanks
  2. I'm looking to buy the S&S Sea Arm VI because the price is very affordable for a casual photographer like me. Would this be a good choice? Or is it more worthwhile to pay twice as much and go for Ultralight arms. thanks
  3. Reyer - Do have a picture of the modification to attache the sensor? I would appreciate it if you can show me how it was done. thanks in advance
  4. thanks cmdasia, I'll look into it.
  5. Hi, It is a liveaboard trip to Richelieu - Burma from 12/28/03 - 01/03/04 (6 nights, 5 diving days, minimum 17 dives). The boat is MY Dive Master I, very famoust for its excellent dive service in Thailand. Dive sites include (but not limited to): Richelieu, South Twin, North Twin, Decom Rock (North Twin plateau), Western Rocky, Tower Rock, High Rock, OK Rock (Three Islets), Black Rock or Burma Bank. Special price for early reservation before June 30th is $849 for suite cabin and $799 for standard cabin. If you would be kind enough to drop me an e-mail at absolutedive@thaireef.com, I'll be more than happy to sne you detail information. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys. Just placed the order for Inon UWL-1000.
  7. James, can you please point out some of the insurance provider fo rme please? How does the policy work, is it confined only to the US, cuz I live in Thailand.
  8. Hi Looking for WAL and Macro lenses to go with the PT-015. Any recommendation? Seems like most people are using Inon WAL and UN Macro, any reason? Lastly, do these lens work well on land? thanks
  9. If I'm not mistake... The DX is a fully manual strobe, the auto is somewhat auto in the sense that you dial in the f-stop and the strobe determiens the exposure.
  10. If any is interested in a Dive Trip to Thailand - Burma during Dec 28,2003 - Jan 2, 2004 please let me know. I have got great deals.
  11. I dont know why, but everytime I do the touch up, it never come out as nice as the Auto feature in PS...
  12. Big thanks to everyone for the inputs. I am going to drain my savings with the Ikelite strobe now
  13. This is a bettershot, colorwise, anything I can do here?
  14. These pictures I took on my recent trip to the Similans with rental digicam. It was my first time, and the picture didn't come out too well. What can I do with Photoshop to enhance it? Feel free to play around and post your results.
  15. From the picture below, will Ikelite arm system be compatible with the Fisheye tray? I asked Ikelite, but they don't seem to know.
  16. Thanks Simon. Did you buy them in a package as shown on Ikelite's web site? If so you had to separately purchase the tray with the handle correct? I noticed that the D-125 comes with proprietary NiCad battery, will they take normal rechargeble batteries? How about NiMH?Would you happen to have any disassemble shot of the strobe? Just wanted to see how things are done.
  17. thanks for the prompt reply, as I have stated above, I'm new and I don't know how much one of these is supposed to cost. Most important though is that it is functional. So I would appreciate it if anyone can show me a picture of what they are using and how much it cost.
  18. Ok, thanks for the input. I'll probably look into Ikelite. Now... what arm system should I have to with it.... Been looking at UCLS, but I dont know what piece to go with what, any one have any particular set-up to recommend? thanks. btw. How do you pronounce Ikelite? is it "e-kay-light" or "ike-light"?
  19. I checked out the DS-125, but at $850 (with TTL sensor) its just way beyond what I was expecting to pay. DS-50 is more financially sound - anyone experience with them? Lightwise wise is it sufficient for most underwater photography? Are there any significant difference between the two model? thanks.
  20. I have decided on the Oly C-5050 with PT-015. I have not set a budget for the strobe but looking for a mid size range. As I have read around in many places and talking to a couple people Sea and Sea and Inon seems to be the recommended choice. I am looking for a strobe which will help me get started and carry on for future advancement. Then angle of coverage I want is approximately 100x100 give and take. Now, as a beginner, I would appreciate the TTL capability and with my set-up I would need it slave (if I understand it correctly). So I am a little unsure when Simon mentioned "real" TTL. All around, many vendors seems to be recommending me either the Sea&Sea YS-90Auto or INON D-180.
  21. Hi, I am undertaking a study to better understand the behavior of divers, especially those who comes to Thailand. So I would like to know how do people plan their trip. What factors influence where they go, when to go, and how long to stay? This information would be use to better organize diving trips in Thailand to accomodate international divers. So any comments, inputs and suggestions would be much appreciated.
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