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  1. Thank you so much! Yeah, I've shot the frogs for a couple of years now. They'll hopefully return in March as I'm confident I can do better. Thank you! Thanks Wolfgang! I'd recommend going as far north west as you can as the water is clear and underwater scenery is great, but there's fantastic diving to be had all up the west coast. Thank you!
  2. Yeah, that's all the 8mm and 4 inch, apart from the basking shark shot which is a bigbigbig dome.
  3. I've been doing some more reading since our chat the other day Adam and you're absolutely right, there's costs and benefits to every setup. I'm still convinced a small dome is ideal for me but keen to hear other contribution here. I've been shooting with the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye behind a 4 inch Precision dome for a few years now. The minimum focus distance is 10cm and with this dome I can get in really really close - almost touching the dome. It's perfect for me as I'm shooting the UK which means lower vis and smaller subjects. Also, the port doesn't protrude vertically from the housing either, which means I can get the full setup really low on the seabed and shoot up if needed - this has made a huge difference. I'm not convinced I could have gotten this catshark shot with a bigger dome. I've managed to shoot decent splits with it - not easy but I get there eventually. This jelly shot was taken with the 4 inch dome too.
  4. Many thanks Chris, I did a quick search and somehow missed that thread. Looks like my question might be answered in there! I understand the point about threading, it's mainly how distance changes with each port option affects the actual optical quality as I know Nauticam are all designed very specifically with Nauticam ports and housings in mind. I wouldn't want to fork out for a setup that compromises things. Anyway, I'll have a read through that thread and watch the videos. Thanks again!
  5. Hi everyone, Anyone know how the CMC performs on housings other than Nauticam? I know they're designed for use on Nauticam housings. The reason I ask is because I'm currently piecing together a D500 setup and looking at housing options. I've bought the Nikon 60mm and intended to use one of the CMC's on a flip mount as this is the macro setup that people continually recommend for fantastic image quality. I had planned on going for the Nauticam housing however I'm working to a budget so was trying to source one used (hint hint ..... if you have one to sell PM me), but may need to look at a cheaper housing. Thanks! Mark
  6. Hi everyone, New to the forum here - UK based and currently shooting an OMD EM5 MKii but looking to switch to a D500. I'm trying to find used housing, ideally the Nauticam NA-D500 and zen 100mm dome for Tokina 10-17mm, however open to ideas about any other housing brand. Cheers! Mark
  7. I notice you use the Olympus 60mm Macro. I shoot with this on an OMD EM5 MKii. I struggled with the sharpness so did some experiments on land earlier this year to see how the image quality degrades as you close down the aperture. I find it easy to get pin sharp when shooting a really shallow depth of field, however I've concluded that images will never be that sharp past f10 - the quality loss is just too much. I'd recommend doing some experimentation and seeing if that's the problem you are encountering.
  8. Hi everyone, New member here, thought I'd introduce myself with some shots from my home country, Scotland. These recently featured in the Dive Photo Guide photographer of the week. Having some trouble linking images from elsewhere so here's a link to the article and a small sample. http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/underwater-photographer-week-mark-kirkland
  9. Hi everyone, I've just join to get in on the discussion and try piece together my new setup. Currently shooting with an OMD EM5 MKii here in Scotland and looking to go D500 soon. www.markkirklandphotography.com
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