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  1. There is a limit on the amount of HDV that Discovery and Nat Geo (among other large channels) will take. I believe it's no more than 15-20%per show. The big ones were never really into HDV to begin with. However, there are a bunch of channels that still take HDV though.
  2. Controls: Manual Focus, white balance, gain, Iris, ND, auto/manual/infiniti focus, all the auto controls, Shutter, Expanded zoom. More than happy to ship anywhere at the buyer's expense. I can get a cost for you. I'm asking 8200 for it.
  3. Gates Housing for Sale: The housing is is virtually brand new with only one week of diving on it. It comes with the external view finder, standard dome, and the Gates 120 wide angle lens. The lens was serviced last fall and is one of the nicest pieces of glass available for these cameras. Shoot me an email or post if you're interested or if I can answer any questions. Thanks! Evan
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