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  1. Thanks Tim for the clarfication.
  2. Hi, I am a new(-ish) user here. I have been a member for a while but have not had any activities so far. I have a Aquatica 8" dome port that I want to list to sell under Classifield. It seems I don't have permission to do so. Can someone please let me know how I can get access to list my dome? Cheers,
  3. Hi all, I'm Par from Sydney, Australia. I started taking underwater photos about 2 years. While I am still a newbie, I'd like to do my best to produce the best images that I can do with the equipment that I've got. To do so, I understand that there are many areas that I need to study and learn more. Hence, I joined Wetpixel to be able to learn from your knowledge and experinces. Cheers, Par
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