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  1. Fantastic Tim, thanks very much for the advice.
  2. Thanks for the great advice Tim, much appreciated. Looks like there has indeed been some issues with the Sea & Sea stuff in the past and looks like inon may well be a better option so thanks for that. Good point about your trays and strobes lasting through multiple camera iterations perhaps also, will research and ensure I get quality. Might start with one strobe and progress to a second after time?
  3. New to the forum but have a Fantasea housing for my Canon G9X mark ii. Bought the G9X mark ii second hand to suit the economical housing. Looking into second hand sea and sea ys-D02 strobes,a tray and a wide wet lens. Any recommendations or advice?
  4. If you have a look at othree drysuits in the UK, I found them fantastic. Although on the more expensive side, I found a big difference when diving in temperate water (Ireland - 12 / 13 degrees in Summer) when compared with my old semi dry suit. I went with a crushed neoprene model they have.
  5. Hi there, I'm Michael from South West Ireland. Been diving since 2002 and more recently been getting into underwater photography. Working from home has allowed me to go diving more and more which is fantastic. Hoping to get lots of advice and learn from this forum. All the best, Mike
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