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  1. Hi Reily, I've got the Tokina 16-28 2.8 FX and looking at using it on a d850. Did you end up opting for it underwater?
  2. Many thanks for your fantastic advice guys! It's a pity Ikelite haven't taken on this advice! I own the Tokina lens, but listening to your advice I should look into using a different lens to get the most out of the Nikon....I am yet to buy the housing and ports, having said this I'm leaning towards Ikelite as other housings are double its price I live in Malta so I will be doing wreck diving frequently, I guess I'll have to get creative! So in your opinion my go to lens should be the 15mm Sigma fisheye? Do you by any chance have an example of the edges with a 16-35? Cheers
  3. I’m looking at purchasing an Ikelite housing for my Nikon d850, I’ll be starting with the Tokina 16-28 2.8 FX. Both 8inch dome ports (#75340 & 44) are recommended. I’ve gone through this article: https://www.ikelite.com/blogs/product-tutorials/when-to-use-a-compact-8-dome-port-underwater?_pos=1&_sid=6ee7d2c52&_ss=r and it seems to favour the compact – 75344 more. I’ll be mainly scuba diving, with some snorkelling too. What I understood is that the main advantage of the larger one is more side sharpness and better half and half shots? Or is there something which I am missing? Any real life experience with both, which would you suggest? The compact is much lighter and slightly cheaper.
  4. Hi there from sunny Malta! Been diving for 5 years and finally looking at upgrading my system from a gopro to using my Nikon d850 underwater
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