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  1. Thank you so much Chris. So the case is clear for me and I start with 28-60 + WWL-1. Always knowing that other lenses and ports will come later :-)
  2. So would you say for the reef scene as a whole I need either the 28-60 compelling with WWL-1 or then a proper wide angle with large dome port?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I was just thinking that it will be difficult to keep still at 60 mm anyway?! The question is simply which is the best solution without having to buy an expensive and large dome port. So you don't think I could start with the 24 mm at the beginning without WWL-C? (yes, I mean the 24 mm G...)
  4. Hello all I need your advice regarding lens for the A7SIII. I have ordered the Nauticam and it should arrive next week. I mainly want to film underwater. But I am still unsure which lens and port solution to start with. First I wanted to start with my 28-60 and later buy the WWL-1. With this solution, however, I think: - I need zoomgear - I actually need the WWL-1 at the beginning because of the 28 mm. - The lens is not really fast - I think I have never used a zoom over water when filming I have now stumbled upon the 24 mm G. My thoughts on it: - the port solution is cheaper - the WWL-C is cheaper - the lens is faster - I don't really need the zoom What do you think about this solution? I want to capture the reef as a whole, not spend too much and I should be able to travel with it. Thanks for your advice
  5. Hello I'm looking for: Nauticam # 37165 N100 Flat port 45 with focus # 37163 SFE2860-Z Zoom Gear for Sony FE 28-60 F4-5.6 # 83201 WWL-1 Thank you!
  6. I guess that's what we pay at Nauticam I will, thank you!
  7. Well, it seems that Isotta doesn't really have much knowledge without trial and error. Isotta probably meant that the lens would fit in the port in terms of length and that there would be a thread to use wet lenses. So I think I would start with a Fish Eye if it becomes an Isotta. If I don't like the feel of the housing and go for the Nauticam, I'd probably go with the 28-60 and WWL-1 solution, since I already own that lens. Difficult difficult the whole thing.
  8. Very nice shots, no question about it. I'm currently shooting with an Osmo Action, which also has a fish eye lens. I have had good experiences with it. Let's see what it will be in the end. Edit: Isotta answered. They recommend the H63-B120 Flat Port with M67, so I could use wide converter as well...
  9. Thank you again for the very detailed and helpful answers. I think that a 12-24 is therefore out of the race. Also because the large dome ports are very expensive. A fisheye seems to be a really worthwhile option for me. Do you have any sample images? It's a shame that Sony doesn't seem to offer a FF fisheye. I am not a big fan of adapters but you seem to have had good experiences. Maybe I'll just buy the housing and take my time with the lens decision...
  10. And both lenses would be good for the whole reef scenery? Do you travel with the 8"?
  11. What kind of camera do you have? Also the SIII? Maybe I need to ask again in more general terms. I would like to have a set up with which I can capture the reef scenery as a whole. So I'm not the type to sit in front of the snail for 2 hours with a macro lens. My research so far has shown that actually a wide angle zoom like the 12-24 would be best. But I've also read that a wide angle zoom requires a huge dome port which is firstly very expensive and secondly very large to travel with. Currently I am in possession of the following lenses: - 24-105 G - 20 mm G - 55 mm Zeiss - 28-60 However, I wouldn't be averse to buying another lens as long as it's not a $3000 GM. Thanks for the advice and best regards
  12. Thank you for the detailed answer. It seems to me that these are all rather untested and therefore probably not really satisfactory solutions? I'm basically a little unsure if I should really go for Isotta. The detailed and proven port chart seems to me to be a huge advantage of Nauticam, or how do you see it? Sorry for my English, I actually speak German
  13. Hello Sorry to dig up an old thread. I have an A7SIII and am in the process of buying a housing. I wanted to use the 28-60. There is a solution with flatport and WWL-1 at Nauticam, but I actually want to buy an Isotta for cost reasons. Meanwhile, does anyone know if there is a solution with wide angle converter for the Isotta housing? Unfortunately, I've been waiting for an answer from support for a month. Thank you for the answers and best regards
  14. Hello everyone I'm based in Switzerland. I started diving in 2018 in Mexico and I'm AOWD now with 100 dives. I always used to film with my gopro, now I want to start with my GH5. Best
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