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  1. Okay yes I see that. Already another league... Let's see, then it will probably still WWL-C... ;-)
  2. Thanks for your answer! But I just think that the Inon fits only to's Isotta? Since the whole port is replaced, or am I wrong? Which other wet lenses would be recommended for the Nauticam, if I can do without Spiltshots? For example, the Weefine WFL-02? The WWL-C (and of course the WWL-1) is already very expensive and heavy. I don't really want to switch to a smaller setup and then still carry around a massive wet lens. :-)
  3. Hello all I need your help with a decision. I ordered a RX100Va because I want it to be small, handy and light when I travel. Now I'm faced with the decision of the housing and I'm stuck regarding Isotta or Nauticam. Here are my thoughts on advantages and disadvantages: Nauticam advantages: - very ergonomic - tested portchart - market leader? - great dimensions - I am a bit of a fan Nauticam disadvantages: - expensive - for RX100 only wet wide angle lens (WWL-C) Isotta Advantages: - cheaper - dry wide angle lens (D&D INON UWL-C95) - Possibility of split shots - No screwing on and off under water Isotta disadvantages: - Looks a bit bulky - maybe less ergonomic? So: in general there are advantages and disadvantages with both. What are your thoughts? Is there anything I haven't thought of? Actually, I would really like a dry converter solution. But: the Isotta in combination with the UWL-C95 just looks a bit "special" in my opinion. The port seems very long and I wonder if that makes for good balancing? Thanks for your help :-)
  4. Since I want to concentrate more on diving instead of filming, I sell my Nauticam wide-angle set for the Sony A7SIII. The whole equipment was bought in November at Fantic in Sirnach. The set includes the following: NA-A7SIII Nauticam housing for Sony A7SIII. Current new price: CHF 3'400.- / selling price: CHF 2'990 Nauticam N100 Flat Port 45 with focus knob. Current new price: CHF 494.- / Retail price: CHF 395.- Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve II. current new price: CHF 279.- / retail price: CHF 199.- Nauticam WWL-1 (Second Hand) Current new price: CHF 1263.- / Sale price: CHF 799.- WWL-1 Floar Collar. Current new price: CHF 67.- / Retail price: CHF 49.- WWL-1 Protective Cover. Current new price: CHF 95.- / Retail price: 69.- Nauticam M67 bayonet adapter II. current new price : CHF 96.- / retail price : free of charge Nauticam zoom ring SFE2860-Z for Sony FE 28-60 F4-5.6. Current new price : CHF 235.- / Sale price : CHF 179.- All material is in excellent condition and has only been through about 25 dives. The WWL-1 was bought used, but has not a single scratch on the glass. (Only external signs of use on the Nauticam lettering). The whole set is designed for the A7SIII with the Sony 28-60 mm. Due to the WWL-1, great wide angle shots are possible with the 28-60 - yet the whole thing remains handy for traveling. (for example compared to a 12-24 + large glass dome port). The Sony 28-60 mm could be acquired additionally by me. Current new price of the whole stuff: CHF 5929.- Selling price: CHF 4680.- The material can be visited gladly in 3600 Thun, dispatch against assumption of the postage costs. Only against prepayment. Private sale, therefore no return. Located in Switzerland but can ship worldwide!
  5. I heard about problems while connecting the camera with the monitor, so there was no signal at all. But not sure if the output was changed to 1080... That's why I hoped that someone is using it in combination with an A7SIII... But thank you, I will check the threads
  6. Yes, but I have heard of problems with the signal when using an A7SIII or A1. So I was hoping that maybe someone has it in use with one of these cameras? Well, the 80 meters are not the problem as a recreational diver. What other alternatives would be interesting if you don't want to buy a monitor and a case separately? I actually thought that the Weefine was the first of its kind...
  7. Hello I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Weefine monitor? I thought it might be an option mainly for cost reasons, but still have uncertainties. Is it possible that I can't shoot 4k and 60 fps with my A7SIII in combination with this monitor? According to the manufacturer's site, this could be the case and I've heard of problems in combination with the A1!? I would be glad for experiences.
  8. Thank you, but I hope to find something at a lower price point
  9. Hi I'm looking for a Nauticam monitor housing, for example for a Shinobi. If anyone has one to sell, please let me know Br
  10. Hello I have a problem with which you may be able to help me. I have the N100 Flatport 45 and the WWL-1 with a M67 to bayonet adapter now at home. The problem is: the red extension of the bayonet adapter can not be mounted because of the flatport. I can press the red button under the WWL-1 without the extension. But only when I am not wearing dry gloves. Does anyone have a solution for this? I have attached a picture...
  11. Thank you so much Chris. So the case is clear for me and I start with 28-60 + WWL-1. Always knowing that other lenses and ports will come later :-)
  12. So would you say for the reef scene as a whole I need either the 28-60 compelling with WWL-1 or then a proper wide angle with large dome port?
  13. Thank you for your reply. I was just thinking that it will be difficult to keep still at 60 mm anyway?! The question is simply which is the best solution without having to buy an expensive and large dome port. So you don't think I could start with the 24 mm at the beginning without WWL-C? (yes, I mean the 24 mm G...)
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