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  1. Hello! For those who use Sony Full Frame cameras, which size dome do you use for the 8-15mm fisheye? Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Hello! Do any of you use an Isotta Housing with Sony camera? I would love to hear your experience! Right now, there is no flat port for the 28mm f2 lens. But I want to use the WWL-1... Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
  3. yes, i do! i have an isotta housing and flatport. the only problem is that i used an aoi uwl 09 pro and it fell off while i was diving! i want be better secure it to the port besides just screwing it on, you know?
  4. Thank you! Will this work on other housings outside of Nauticam as well? Do you have any sample images from this?
  5. What focal length were you at? I was just going to keep it at 15. I heard that is fine.... Now I'm having second thoughts?
  6. Thank you, Chris. It's for the Isotta housing. I understand that it's for a crop sensor and I was just going to keep it at 15mm. What do you think?
  7. Hello! So I have a Sony a7iii and I'm planning on getting the tokina 10-17 fisheye lens with an adapter. Is a 4.5 inch glass dome a better choice than a 6inch acrylic? The glass dome is smaller but costs about $100 more. Any feedback would be great! Thank you!
  8. Thank you Tim! Do you use the Sigma 15mm on the Sony? How is it on the Sony? I think I would like to go with the Sigma but not many people seem to use it on the Sony. Which adapter do you use?
  9. Hello Everyone! Really happy to be here and learn from you all. So I am looking to get a wide angle or fisheye lens for my Sony A7iii. I have been told many things like the Sony 16-35 f4, Canon 8-15, Sigma 15 f2.8 fisheye. The Sigma would be the least expensive and I was wondering if any of you Sony users have used it under water? If so, which adapter did you use? My next choice would be the Sony 16-35 f4 since it is the most versatile and it seems like everyone says that would be a good choice. If you have any input, I would love to hear it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I currently use the Isotta Housing and thinking of getting either a 6inch or 8inch dome for it. Thank you so much!
  10. Hello!! I'm Wesley and I'm a sony user and really happy to be here to learn from you all. Thank you so much!
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