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  1. YOU BET! It was a very anxious process when I went with Isotta as well. It was hard for me to figure it all out so please feel free to reach out if needed.
  2. I would imagine a 12-24 is good for reef scenery but I currently use only a fisheye at the moment. I travel with a 4.5 inch dome and the corners are sharp. However, I have more leadway with a fisheye versus a 12-24.
  3. I have a Sony A7iii. If you get an 8 inch dome, you can use both the 12-24 and a fisheye. The sigma 15mm fisheye was less that $400 used which has worked great for me.
  4. I use the isotta housing and this is my current set up with a 15mm sigma fisheye lens. I use the mc11 adapter, 17mm extension and a 4 and a half inch dome and it's great!!!! No issues at all!
  5. Hello! I was just wondering how you guys travel with your photography gear as well as your scuba gear? Do you check in your scuba gear gear in one roller bag and then carry on all your photography gear and electronics in a backpack and an additional roller bag that is carry on regulation? Thank you!
  6. Yes, please do! I look forward to hearing about your experience. Just followed on instagram.
  7. the autofocus for me with the mc11 and sigma 15 is pretty fast!
  8. Thank you so much!! Will there much of a difference in image quality between the two if I"m using the Sigma 15mm fisheye?
  9. Hello Everyone!! Thank you for your input thus far. It means a lot. So I have the 15mm Sigma fisheye with the MC11 adapter for my Sony A7iii. I have an Isotta Housing. I'm torn on which type of dome I should get. Would a 4inch glass dome be okay with this? Or perhaps a 6inch acrylic? They both cost about the same. I'm not sure if either makes too much of a difference. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much.
  10. Thank you! So if I have the A7III, that shouldn't be a problem I assume since the autofocus is the same on the a7riii?
  11. Thank you! I have the sigma 15mm fisheye with the mc11 adapter but haven't used it underwater. I hear the autofocus will be extremely slow underwater so I'm thinking of going with the sony 28mm f2 converter. Not sure what to do....
  12. Hello! As you all know, Sony doesn't have a native fisheye lens with the exception of the converter on the 28mm F2 lens. Have you any of you used that set up with the converter? If so, I would love to hear your experience. Thank you! Sincerely, Wes
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