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  1. Ah, yes. Good point. Not much contrast with the background if I went with blue. I'm thinking of underwater portraiture. The goal is to show the diver primarily, and the reef secondarily. Kind of like, "Hey look at me I'm doing something adventurous!" I started thinking about BC colors, etc., after reading that single lens masks make for better portraits than dual lens masks. It seems equipment choices can make for better or worse pictures.
  2. What are good color choices for a model's BC? I dive in Monterey, CA, which is cold water with not-so-great visibility. Let's assume the diver is poorly lit, because I'm an absolute beginner with underwater photography and don't have great gear. I've seen so many photos of divers in all black, and they just look like floating black blobs. Since red and orange get filtered out first at depth, I'm thinking that bright blue might stand out a bit. I'm looking at Halcyon gear and they offer custom colors. Their "Mariner Blue" could be a good choice. Picture attached. They also offer reflective tape, but I'm thinking that would mess up photos. Thoughts?
  3. Hi. New member here. I'm returning to diving after a 20+ year break. I have an Olympus TG that I've been using for shallow work, and look forward to getting gear that will work at depth. I dive in Monterey, CA.
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