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  1. Hi Has this been sold ? Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ahh I see. Is that because this is classed as a rectilinear rather than a fish eye ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Why is that if it already works with the 8-15? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi guys I have the Aquatica A5DSR housing with the #48463 port extension for the canon 8-15 fish eye behind the 8” acrylic dome I’d like to put the sigma art 14mm f1.8 DG HSM lens in the housing and I’m wondering if I can use this same port extension or no port extension or if it needs one a different size ? Haven’t heard back from Aquatica yet and wondered if anyone has used this setup and knows the answer ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I totally agree with you on this and thank you for your information thank you. I agree with you. I also had a chat with Alex tattersall and we agreed that this set up will best suit me due to cost and travelling size
  6. Thank you for your detailed information. I don't get the chance to do much underwater work any more due to lack of money and covid. I am selling all my canon set up as it will soon be outdated and i can't bear having things of reasonable value sat in my cupboard collecting dust. I have decided to sell all my kit and just buy what will make me money and get used regularly. I am going to invest in the new Sony A1 but i couldn't decide if i should hold on to my 8-15 fish eye or not. Size and weight and price of my UW is very important to me. I would like to have a 1 lens set up as small and cost effective as possible. I only enjoy shooting big animals like sharks wales and crocs and not too worried about anything else. It sounds like the Sony 28mm with the WWL1 might be my best in between option. Im considering buying an ikelite housing for my A1 as it will be cheaper which is good considering i won't use it all that much and don't make much money from my underwater images. Part of me almost thinks i should go back to an RX100 set up due to the small size to travel with and it being a much cheaper option however if i have an A1 i should probably put it to good use. I was wondering if i should buy the 12-24 as it gives me a bit of zoom option but it seems like the 28mm with the WWL1 would be a good in the middle option between a fish eye and a rectilinear wide angle. Quite cost effective, sharp and small set up to travel with
  7. Aquatica A5DSR housing which fits the canon 5dmk3, 5dmk4 & 5ds (I purchased the 5dmk4 conversion kit) with 8” acrylic dome. Port & zoom gear for the Canon L 16-35mm IS USM f4 & port for the Canon L 8-15mm f4 fisheye Obviously comes with 2x neoprene dome covers, original boxes, spare O rings, instructions & paperwork etc £3300 Item location Windsor UK I am also selling the Camera body and lenses All enquiries to chris@knightpics.co.uk link to my underwater images http://knightpics.co.uk/Gallery/Albums/Underwater/
  8. Thank you everybody for this wonderful information. Considering I don't go underwater as much any more cost and size of what I'm travelling with is important to me. I generally only like to shoot big stuff like sharks, whales, seals and crocs. It sounds like the 28mm and the WWL-1 might be the best option for me based on peoples experience. I was wondering if I should hold on to my canon fish eye and use it with the mc-11 adapter but it seems to be a mixed bag on if it focuses well. Some say it does and some say it doesn't
  9. That’s awesome. I was wondering if I should go for the 11-24 and do without a fish eye
  10. What photos did you get by mistake that ended up being amazing ? I was really trying to get a good photo of the front of this shark but the best one I got was of his rear end
  11. I’m selling all my canon kit and moving to Sony but don’t know what wide angle lens I would use. someone said don’t sell my canon 8-15 fish eye and use it with the mc11 adapter. what do people think
  12. Hi guys I’m Chris Knight a professional photographer from Windsor UK. I specialise in animal portraiture but love to work underwater when I can
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