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Hi! I'm Chris, a professional photographer based in Windsor, England. I founded Knightpics Photography in 2015 and run it alongside my main job as a firefighter. I specialise in animal photography, with my main focuses being Dog, Equine and Pets - closely followed by my passion for wildlife. 

I believe that every animal has its own unique personality and that's what I love to capture most in my pictures. I am also fascinated with the incredible bond that people form with their pets and it is my wish to spend more time photographing these truly special interactions.

Animals have always captivated me, and I cherish every interaction that I am lucky enough to have. Whether that's a moment playing fetch with a dog, stroking a lazy moggy, or working underwater with our oceans great predators.

Although I studied photography in college, it mostly remained a hobby for years. However, through my love of the sea and the creatures that call it home, I began to increase my skills through my passion for underwater photography. Over time, I expanded my technical knowledge to incorporate all forms of animal portraiture.

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