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  1. I have the same camera and lens combination but use the manual Turtle trigger rather than the smart one and works fine. I have had no issues with firing strobes at all.
  2. @LeafySeaDragon I got them with the fibre optic cable as that suited my requirements.
  3. They are set for Nikon but can change. My other reason for sale is I do a lot of shore diving and they will add additional weight to a heavy rig, especially with the wide angle set up and the 240mm glass dome port. I wanted to be able to use the high speed sync function and that is not available to a Sony user.
  4. I won 2 no Seacam seaflash 160D strobes in a competition and even though they are considered to be the best strobes on the market they are not 100% compatible with my Sony system. I have tested with a turtle trigger and I can only use them in manual mode, hence I am not maximising their capability. They are 100% compatible with Canon and Nikon only. They are brand new, all in their original packaging. I have just charged up one battery and tested one strobe with my existing set-up. They have not be used in the water. I am selling as a complete package including: 2 x Seaflash 160D strobes (including macro ring, batteries, European plug charger, and ball mount) 2 x Diffuser 160D 2 x Neoprene cover 160D 2 x fibre optic cable, plus screw cap connector for a Nauticam housing The total package retails at around US $4,800. I am selling with an approx 10% discount, hence US $4,300.. Shipping would be on top and agreed depending on the requirements of the buyer. They will be shipped from Perth, Australia. If interested please PM me.
  5. I have the A7RIII with the sigma 15mm fisheye with canon EF mount and the MC-11 converter. Did two dives with it last weekend in Adelaide and did not notice any issues on the focusing front. The next day I swapped to the 16-35mm wide angle and I don't recall thinking one option was slower than the other. Its a cheaper means of getting a fisheye option for the Sony than doing the Canon 8-15mm with the metabones converter.
  6. @ChrisRoss @Phil Rudin Chris and Phil... thanks for responding on this. You have both clarified my query. I will be looking at getting the sigma lens, and there is one for sale in the classifieds here!!
  7. I am currently looking into options for fisheye lens with the Sony A7RIII. I understand the options in relation to the sigma 15mm and Canon 8-15mm but curious to see if anyone uses the Sony 28mm lens with fisheye converter with the Nauticam 230mm port. This is not one of the options on the Nauticam Sony port charts. What size extension ring is required?
  8. Hello all There are always questions to be asked in relation to underwater photography gear and even though I am part of a great local community of underwater photographers in Perth, Western Australia, we can all learn more from the wider community. Hence why I have signed up. I have been diving for nearly 20 years, and more serious on the photography side of things for 8 years now. I currently have the full frame Sony A7Riii system.
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