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  1. Hello. I have this camera and I am very happy. The positive: 6K, different resolutions, raw, very good definition and colorimetry. The negative: poor battery life. No stabilization. I use it in a Nauticam underwater housing with a Canon 16/35 2.8 lens and a nauticam 180 glass dome. also a canon 100 macro with saga front. The positive: It can hold a 500g Sansung ssd disc inside and thus save on expensive cards. It also has a compartment for lithium batteries that connects to the camera and thus have more than an uninterrupted hour of operation under water. The underwater housing is superbly designed and you can access all the necessary functions underwater. The only negative is that it is not a stabilizer camera and you have to have good diving and filming technique. For macro I use articulated arms as a tripod and they go very well! 6K in fulframe and with a 100 macro is very shallow depth of field, but the macros are incredible. It is an expensive equipment, but I guarantee that with 6k I will have equipment for a long time. Any questions I will be happy to help you, since I also had many uncertainties before deciding to buy a new equipment. All the best!
  2. Hello. Finally after thinking about all the possibilities between the ZCam f6 and the Blacmagic pocket 6k I have finally decided on the Blacmagic. My reasons if someone is interested in evaluating this decision: I liked the Zcam better as a camera, but thinking that you have to put a separate monitor with its corresponding underwater housing and connection cables, they made me think that it is a more bulky device and with more risks of something going wrong. The blacmagic has a large screen included in the Nauticam and can record to an internal hard drive. If I am in a country for some filming or a shoot that has to be done at a specific time and the Zcam or the atomos have a problem, this would be very difficult to solve, since the Zcam would have to be sent to China or the atomos to an official service. On the other hand, Blacmagic usually has more network of official services for its repair and if time is short and filming cannot wait, it will always be possible in almost any country to buy a pocket 6k urgently.
  3. Thanks very much buddy. As soon as I have decided on the equipment and optics, I will let you know to know your final opinion. I hope to have everything clear in a couple of weeks as I have to start filming my next documentary. Greetings and again thank you very much for your comments and help.
  4. Thank you very much for your comment. It is not easy to decide on a new underwater filming equipment considering that it is a considerable expense and that it has to be amortized in a few years.
  5. Thanks for the info! The Blackmagic and the Zcam are super 35. In your opinion these settings would be fine?: Macro: Canon 60mm? Sigma 17-70mm with 180 optical glass? or 230mm optical glass optical glass? Canon 8 -15mm in 180 optical glass? or 230 optical glass?
  6. Hello again friends! I have already decided that the chosen system will be the Blacmagic pocket 6K in nauticam housing. Now my query is the optics and dome port part. I have a canon 16-35 F2 that I could use. But I would like to have your opinion of different settings that allow me to shoot wide angle and macro. Canon 16-35 and what dome port? or another more appropriate lens? 100 or 60 macro? and with what dome port? Any setup with wet lenses? I discard the WACP for the moment, since its price is high. Thank you very much to all.
  7. Hi. I have looked at the Zcam and there are several aspects that do not convince me: I would need an external monitor, I could only record on cards and not on internal ssd disks in the nauticam. (with the Blacmagic if it is possible in the nauticam) and finally when it comes to processing the material it only works with your decoding program and it is not possible with Mac, it only seems that it can be done with PC.
  8. Thanks interceptor! I think the partner you mention is Alex Ribeiro. He uses the BMPC 6K and although he is happy with the camera, he is not so happy with the Nauticam, since the lack of controls makes it difficult to use. For the Blackmagic he recommends that I look at the Easydive Leo3 Magic underwater housing, but I have not found opinions of this model, only that of the manufacturers themselves. He recommends that I don't use the Canon 16-35 lens and instead use the Canon 8-15 lens. What would be your choice between the Sony A7sIII, Gh5s and the BLackmagic 6K? And in optics? Canon 100 or 60mm macro? Canon 16-35mm or 8-15mm? or some other suggestion. The land part in these documentaries will be shot with Epic Dragon and we want the underwater part not to be out of place in quality. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi. I have to change equipment to film two documentaries. I've been thinking about it and comparing equipment for several weeks. Sony A7s III, Zcam fs6, Gh5s and Blackmagic pocket 6K. For now the one that convinces me the most is the Blackmagic since 6K and being able to take advantage of my canon lenses is an advantage, also not needing an extra monitor. The lens I have is a canon 16-35 and a canon 100 macro. What do you do? Has anyone tried the Blackmagic pocket 6k? Thanks for your opinions. I have to be careful when spending the money!
  10. Oceánidas, a Spanish NGO with its international project "Red de Vigilantes Marinos" that carries out cleaning of seabed and beach with volunteers. It is present in Spain, Cape Verde, Brazil, Peru and Colombia. www.oceanidas.org www.vigilantesmarinos.es
  11. Hola. Buscamos Clubes y Centros de buceo que quieran ser parte de nuestro proyecto "Red de Vigilantes Marinos" www.vigilantesmarinos.es Es un proyecto internacional de limpieza de fondos marinos y playas en el que participan cientos de clubes y centros de buceo de España, Colombia, Cabo Verde, Brasil y Perú. Hi. We are looking for Diving Clubs and Centers that want to be part of our project "Red de Vigilantes Marinos" www.vigilantesmarinos.es It is an international project for cleaning the seabed and beaches in which hundreds of diving clubs and centers from Spain, Colombia, Cape Verde, Brazil and Peru participate.
  12. Hi there!! Greetings from Seville, Spain. I am dedicated to underwater filming for documentaries and I am also the president of an NGO dedicated to Marine Affairs. Hugs!
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