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  1. Thanks. My setup is: Nikon Z72 (FF 45 MP) no AA filter lens: fisheye 8-15 (I use only the 15 mm So - what is my "risk zone"?
  2. Hi. Thanks for another usefull episode. Does using f stop 12 , 16 and up won't bring us to Diffraction ? Maybe I won't have soft corners but I risk the sharpness of the entire image. Don't I ? Any thoughts about this ?
  3. Hi At last I am going to buy my first underwater housing.. It is a setup for Nikon Z72 and Nikon 8-15 fisheye. I am going to use Isotta housing and later I will add 2 Inon Z330 strobes. Isotta recommend 2 domes for this set up: 4.5 inch and 6.5 inch (both glass) I prefer the smallest dome (convenience) - The question is: Do I sacrifice sharpness when I am using the smallest dome ? Or when using fisheye (15 mm) It is negligible .. What do you think ?
  4. Hi, Thank you for this useful info. I believe that if I have fisheye lens (Nikon 8-15) I need smaller dome. 4.5-6 inch.
  5. Thank you all for your advice. cheers
  6. Thanks. You are right. I wanted to know what is the weight of the camera rig that I have to lug to the dive site
  7. If I add the weight of all the components from the official websites - I get about 8 kg for the Z72 setup (with 8-15 and 2 strobes). I was wondering if I missed something. Edy write that his gear is 8-9 KG, So I believe the websites are correct.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the info. I am curiuos about the weight of the setup you take with you to dive, Not the weight of all items the you might carry with you to a trip for several dives. is it 8-9 Kg or more ? Thanks again
  9. Hi I am still in the research phase. One of the considarations that I have is how heavy is the setup above water. So - I know it is not a "scientific" research, but I would like to know what is the average weight in real life of an underwater photo setup with one fisheye lens and 2 strobes: Mirrorless FF camera (I.E: Nikon Z7 with 8-15 mm etc) Mirrorless DX camera (Sony A6600 with Tokina 10-17 mm) Thanks Ido
  10. Hi. I am Selling Aquatech Elite 2 Sport Housing for NikonZ7/Z72/Z6/Z62 and Nikon D850 (with conversion kit included) Everything is in excellent condition. some parts (like the flash and flash housing never been used. This is the perfect kit for surfing/snorkeling/split shots. It is up to 30 feet/10 M depth approved. It has all the accessories for convenient shooting. Just add your camera... Total package including everything is 2200$ . All cables and connectors are all complete and included. I would like to sell everything together. Main components are: Aquatech Elite 2 Sport Housing for NikonZ7/Z72/Z6/Z62 D850 option (dedicated mounting base and back) Please notice that all major functions of the Nikon Z6/62/7/72 are operated from the housing above or under water. If you use this housing with the Nikon D850 - only focus/shutter is possible when going underwater/in water. PD-85 Lens Port (for wide angle shots and split shots) P65 port + extension ring ( for Short to Medium Length Prime Lenses) LUX Flash Housing (and Godox flash) all functions can be operated underwater Nikon Zoom Gear for Nikon 14-30s AquaTech Replacement O-Ring Kit Elite II / Base II Water Housing Pro Mount V3 Lens Port Caps Front & Rear M3 Pistol Grip Sport Housing Leash Housing Grease X3 Side Handle Mount Happy to email photos upon request. Willing to ship internationally at buyers cost.
  11. Thank you very much. I definitely "reasonably mechanically minded".. So It sounds like a task that I can (hopefully..) handle. When you refer "vacuum system" - you mean the procedure before each dive, right ?
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