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  1. Thanks. I will try it as well
  2. And this is what Isotta suggested just now: Hi Ido, if you want to stay with the 4,5” port you can add an 20 mm extension ring (with this you should reduce the blurry edges) The disadvantage is that if you want to do macro/wide you will find yourself further away from the subject so you will have less macro effect
  3. Thanks. This is probably what I will buy: A 6.5 dome port with 20 mm extension that will be assembled on the 26 extension that I already have. I don't like so many extensions in one setup - But probably I don't have a choice. In this case my 4.5 dome will be used only as a backup dome..
  4. Thanks. I will probably test it next month and I will report the results here as usual..
  5. Nikon 8-15 fisheye. I am only on the 15 mm
  6. Thanks. If I want to have a good balance compact setup/quality - Is this: https://www.isotecnic.it/en/wide-angle-dome-port-b120/ports-for-b120/dome-port-6,5-crystal-b120-detail can work for wide angle ? (6.5 inch with extra extension ) Or I should go bigger and heavier ...?
  7. This is exactly what I am using here. I will contact Isotta and ask for advise.
  8. I do have an extension for this setup as recommended from Isotta.
  9. Thank you. All the picture that I took was around f8 (7,8,9) - So there is place to stop down. I will test this again next time.
  10. Thanks. I will make more tests with smaller apertures.
  11. Hi I am using Nikon Z62, Nikon 8-15, Isotta housing and 4.5 inch dome port. I have noticed that I can't avoid blurry edges in the frame. Is it because I am using a small dome ? A smaller aperture can reduce it ? what can I do to minimize this effect ? Thanks Ido
  12. Hi all My first attempt at shooting underwater was this weekend. In addition to my underwater housing and camera gear, I dived with all the tips and knowledge I gained from this forum and from Adam and Alex's WetPixel videos. This short diving experience taught me a lot. I made mistakes that I know how to avoid and many more that I will probably figure out later. Thanks again for your help. The WetPixel community gave me the confidence to "jump into the water" literally. My gear is: Nikon Z62, Nikon 8-15, Isotta housing and Sea&Sea YS D3 v2 strobes. the location was Eilat (Israeli town at the red sea)
  13. Yes. The AF level (that push the AF button) needed to be trim a little bit. Apparently it pushed all the time the AF button while the housing was in vacuum. That was the cause to the problem.
  14. Hi, I just had a video call with Isotta. They instructed me very patiently what to do (One level was pushing a button). Now everything works great. What a great service!
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