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  1. There is another obligation when choosing Housing and Camera. The tech of the housing in not dramatically changes while the tech of cameras changes from one generation to another. for instance: If I have he Z72 - Do I want to commit to this camera for the next 5-8 years ? Or should I go with the good old D850 or maybe wait for the coming big leap forward of the Z9..? The same goes with Sony and Canon. Definitely there is always "next generation" but still.. It is long term relatanship...
  2. And now for the "big question: I have the D850 - But I want a compact and light setup for underwater photography. Do you recommend the D5600 + Nikon 8-15 as my first underwater setup ?
  3. I have the Nikon 8-15 fisheye. I use it today for my D850. It is the same F mount I believe.
  4. Did anyone considered the Nikon D5600? It has a good sensor, It can except excellent lenses and the housing from Ikelite is small and light. Does somebody have this setup ?
  5. I am a Nikon shooter. I Have the Nikon D850 and the Nikon Z72. I am now at the final stage of my research before buying my first UW housing and equipment . For land photography (wildlife) I prefer the D850 over the Z72. I was sure that the housing for the Z7 will be smaller and lighter than the housing for the D850. Surpassingly I discovered it is the opposite.. Strange...
  6. ״shoot at much slower shutter speeds underwater than you can get away with at the surface״ Thanks. I believe that IBIS technology of modern cameras enables this even more.
  7. Thanks. Great pics of the submarine.
  8. Hi all I was wondering: When ships wracks are in deep water. Let's say: 30 meter and more - Is it wise to use long exposure with tripod in order to get more light ?
  9. Market intelligence company has surprising and interesting prediction https://petapixel.com/2021/02/08/report-predicts-that-the-future-of-imaging-is-in-underwater-cameras/
  10. Thanks. I believe my main photo shoots will be wide angle UW photography
  11. Thanks Chris. You are 100% right. I Know that the DX will give me "tele version" of my setup. I thought It will replace the need for TC in order to "fix"the barrel distortion in some cases. However I played with LR with some relevant photos and I saw that it works quite well.
  12. The DX mode does not solve the FOV issue ? This is the only reason for changing from FF to DX from time to time. I guess this is eventually not a TC substitute.
  13. Yes. But there is enough resolution... 45mp will be about 20mp: The same size as the Canon R6
  14. Hi I have read that a popular combo with the Nikon 8-15 fisheye is to add to the setup a 1.4 teleconverter (for shooting sharks etc.) However in a Z7 2 camera (Like more advanced mirrorless cameras) - I can change the size of the frame from FF to DX via the menu. If I do so - It is the same as using a 1.4 teleconverter ? Am I wrong ?
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