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  1. Dear Adam, Wishing you a speedy recovery !
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jul/03/two-woman-killed-in-shark-attacks-in-egypts-red-sea
  3. Here it is without the auto correction: It looks much better
  4. thanks. I will try it
  5. I use lightroom. I set the calibration to my lens. What do you mean by "defusing" ?
  6. Hi guys I just had 2 days of diving with a 6.5 inch dome and 20 cm extension (in addition to the 30 cm zoom extension) and I sill has blurry edges in f11. is this the best I can get from this dome ? (I started with 4.5 inch dome) I am using Nikon Z72, Nikon 8-15, Isotta housing. Thanks
  7. beautiful footage. Thanks
  8. Another option is what I did (and not tested yet): Isotta 6.5 dome with 20cm extension (It should be compatible with Sea&Sea)
  9. Thanks. I will try it as well
  10. And this is what Isotta suggested just now: Hi Ido, if you want to stay with the 4,5” port you can add an 20 mm extension ring (with this you should reduce the blurry edges) The disadvantage is that if you want to do macro/wide you will find yourself further away from the subject so you will have less macro effect
  11. Thanks. This is probably what I will buy: A 6.5 dome port with 20 mm extension that will be assembled on the 26 extension that I already have. I don't like so many extensions in one setup - But probably I don't have a choice. In this case my 4.5 dome will be used only as a backup dome..
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