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  1. Bumping and including a comparison of MSRP versus the pricing at which I am offering the kit.
  2. I’m considering buying the Nikon Z6ii. I’m having trouble figuring out how to handle white balancing for video. It appears to me (from the manual and videos online) that I can do a manual white while in manual photo mode, then switch to video mode and use the manual white balance set in photos. Is that a legitimate way to handle it? I also see you can set the Kelvin temperature. I have Sola 3800s and can’t find documentation of the Kelvin temperature. Since the light also has 3 levels of brightness, would each level have a different Kelvin?
  3. Thanks! I haven’t, but I do really well with a set syllabus and structure. So I’d really value an actual class.
  4. Hi all— I’d like to step back and do a land photography course that walks me through the nuts and bolts of manual settings. I took a class online many years ago on iphone photography, and a follow-up course on photo editing. Both were very clear, had a very well-thought out progression from week to week, and have ultimately paid off in spades in terms of my understanding of composition and editing. Have any of you taken one you’d recommend for land photography with your mirrorless or DSLR?
  5. Used for one trip. Excellent condition – only signs of use are minor scuffings on back. Price: $320 plus shipping.
  6. For sale: Panasonic Lumix LX-10 (includes Lumix Battery). Nauticam NA-LX10 “Pro” housing, including flexitray with two handles and ball mounts, shutter extension, leak detection and vacuum system, tool for initial mounting of vacuum valve. Original and extra port cap included Spare o-ring for Nauticam housing 4 extra Wasabi camera batteries, wall plug-in battery charger. (Camera only comes with a charging cable, which means batteries would have to be charged while inside the camera.) Nauticam LCD magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment, rails to hold magnifier Wide Angle Lens Package: Inon UWL--H100 28M67 Wide Conversion Lens Type 2 (includes original caps for both sides of lens, Inon silicone). Inon Wide Angle Dome Lens Unit II Nauticam CMC-2 Compact Macro Converter 2 (includes original caps for both sides of lens) Included at no cost: Camera case Book: Photographer’s Guide to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10/15 by Alexander S. White. Neoprene dome cover Condition: LUMIX LX-10 camera is brand new without box. (I’ve only done test shots in my house.) Housing is completely functional but due for service. External housing shows some signs of wear: some white paint has come off the engraved markings. I’ve discounted my price by $350 to allow for you to have the servicing done if you so choose. LCD magnifier is in very good condition. Wide angle dome has some minor abrasions; note these are not seen in photographs taken on land nor in the water. CMC2 has abrasions on glass; not seen in underwater photos. Selling to upgrade to mirrorless system. Price for full kit: $1750
  7. Great idea on checking what hoops to jump thru for each camera for WB. And no worries, I’m absolutely that kind of geek, and I like your points system idea. (My packing list is so organized that it’s truly a sign of a damaged mind. I’m also a fish ID nerd.)
  8. Hi Barmaglot, and thanks! Do you have an Instagram account or other place I can check out your photos? That would be really helpful for me to get an idea of the camera’s full capabilities.
  9. Tim, Thanks for the guidance on the Z(x)iis, viewfinder, and the second-hand equipment. You’re absolutely right—there has to be a super compelling reason for me to switch to video if I’ve gone down intending to do stills. For one thing, it’s way too hard for me to have video lights and strobes on the same dive. (I do use one of my Sola 3800s as a focus light, tho, so I guess it could happen in theory.) But I’m definitely not good enough yet to do that with any fluidity. My problem is that I think the best thing about sharing video is being able to show animal behavior you just can’t show as well with stills. Sometimes I come back from trips thinking, “Why am I doing all this still work if I myself get such a thrill from rewatching my own videos?” Video editing though—ugh. However, your idea of going for something that can produce amazing stills but still bang out reasonable video is the right compromise. One thing that bugs me to death is sub-par white balance on video, though. So if I can get reasonable video with better than average white balance, I’d be a happy woman!
  10. Argh, I had not seen that video, and now, of course, I’ve decided I “need” another $1k worth of equipment. I’ve been updating my husband every night about where my research is landing. It’s a REALLY good thing he has a sense of humor. I think because I have the focus light directly on top of the housing, I tend to peek around the left of the housing to see what I’m doing. I’ll keep an eye on the second-hand rigs. Would I be correct in thinking Panasonic won’t have the same sharp focus of Sony or Nikon?
  11. This is a great reality check for me, Marcell. To some extent, I’ve got to think if it’s good enough for Michele Hall, it really *should* be good enough for me...
  12. Thanks again, Chris. I’m not deep enough into video to consider external monitors, Gates housings, or a camera over $1500. :-) But I definitely will ask around about the video performance of the Z6ii, anyway. Agree that I’d like to know what the story is before I plunk down any money! My video story is that I used to do a ton with a GoPro. I eventually got frustrated with the inability to take good stills, so I went to the LX-10 based on Backscatter’s recommendation—I told them I thought my first love would always be video. Turns out once I got the LX-10, I felt I needed to concentrate on stills and manual exposure because I just had no clue what I was doing. So I haven’t actually ended up doing a ton of video with the LX-10, but what I have done has been acceptable in most ways. I think anything that has better video capabilities than the LX-10 will be a happy step forward for me. I still haven’t gotten into color correction beyond iMovie, but I do plan to move to Premiere Pro at some point. I really would like a nice white balance beyond 50 feet, but I’m not pushing my budget because of that. Thanks for the push on the EM-1 III and EM-1 II. I’ll get cracking on that research tomorrow. I’ll also look into that issue with the 105 mm on the Z6. One more question: I’m leaning in favor of the Isotta housings because it looks like the positioning of the strobe arms will more closely mimic what I had on my friend’s Sea & Sea housing for the a6000 (ball mounts right on top of the housing.) Not having handles in the way helped me see around the camera a lot better. (I wear a prescription bifocal mask, so sometimes my ability to see the LCD monitor wasn’t so great.) In addition, neither the LX10 nor the Sea & Sea A6000 housing had viewfinders, so my only choice was the LCD screen for composing and reviewing. I’m excited about the potential the viewfinder has for me to see what on earth I’m doing, but I figure I may as well hedge my bets by also keeping the rig configured in a vision-friendly way. Do you have any thoughts about that and the Isotta? Or if the viewfinder gives those of us with bifocals a better chance?
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