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  1. I am a Nauticam NA-XT3 / Fujifilm X-T3 user and, as ChrisRoss said, I am very happy with the combo. If Nauticam keeps making housings for the XT series (ie XT-5), I will go for one, not just because I have built a system for macro (fujinon 80mm macro) and wide angle (fujifilm 15-45 + MWL-1), but also because I like it. It meets my expectations, I love the XT series cameras, and Nauticam build and excellent housing for the X-T3. I have to admit that I mostly shoot macro (you can see some of my pics on my instagram account @wetdereamsphoto) but I see many options too for wide angle in the Nauticam port charts. I understant that there are better options for uw photography than Fujifilm, but for me, as a novice uw photographer, it is more than enough. Best Regards.
  2. Yes, NA-XT3 with removable back. I remove and clean/dry the o-ring when shore-diving, when I find water between the o-ring and its groove, or after a few dives. Most of the times, yes. They are really small fluffs, that probably never cause a water flow, but I am very maniac with the o-ring cleaning, and they get me nervous anyway... I find blowing the o-ring causes statics on it, so it tends to attract more fluffs... Seems a good idea I do. I normally do the vacuum check a few hours before the dive, but doing it after the o-ring maintenance seems a good practice... Yes, I agree you, I bougt the vacuum system together with the housing, because I wanted that peace of mind, but the flying fluffs still annoy me, so that's why I was wondering about some kind of anti-statics shoap... Anyway thank you all for your advises, I will keep been carefull and trusting my vacuum system. Elipe.
  3. Hi everybody, I live with a lovely beagle, Indiana. I love her, but she has thousens, millions of small, tiny hairs. Some are nearly invisible. Even trying to be the cleanest person in the world, there are allways some micro-fluff stuck to my fingers, my sleeves or flying around me, especially when I am putting the o-ring into my housing. My normal routine after dives is: remove o-ring, clean o-ring with water and hand soap, clean groove, let everything dry, clean my hands one more time, put the o-ring back. No grease, because it is the main o-ring in a Nauticam housing, and there is no danger of twisting it. The problem is statics. Most of the time, some flying fluff ends stuck to the o-ring, due to statics, making things very hard. So, what is your strategy when doing o-ring maintenance (specially the main o-ring in your housings) Is there some kind of anti-statics shoap or product to avoid this problem?? I will appreciate all your wise advises. Elipe.
  4. Cratena Pregrina, Ifach Rock, Spain @wetdreamsphoto Fujifilm X-T3 + Fujinon 80mm macro into Nauticamhousing + 2x Backscatter MF1
  5. Thank you Troporobo!! Still much to learn, but sometimes things seem to go in the right way. Best Regards.
  6. Flabellina Affinis, La Llosa-Benidorm, Spain Fujifilm X-T3 + Fujinon 80mm macro + Nauticam housing + 2x Backscatter MF1 @wetdreamsphoto
  7. I'll be posting the pictures I get with my actual system, Fujifilm X-T3 into Nauticam housing. Please, feel free to criticize the pics. Flabellina Affinis, Ifach Rock, Spain. Fujifilm X-T3 + Fujinon 80mm macro + Nauticam housing + 2x Backscatter MF1 @wetdreamsphoto
  8. NA-XT3 housing, with both, 40mm and 110mm ports. Usually vacuum 1-2 hour before diving, just until light turns green (12-13 pumps). Normally Mediterranean, so water themperature is 15-22° Celsius, air themperature 18-30° Celsius. There can be a big difference between air and water, last weekend 33° air vs 17° water. No issues or false alarms until now. Perhaps 2-3 pumps just before going on board is a good advice I am going to adopt from now on. Best Regards
  9. Hi Froop!! Did you process the pictures in LR or C1, or are they plain jpgs?? Are you using some film simulations?? Cheers!
  10. Ok, I just found your post about it on strobes and lights. Thank you anyway!!
  11. Did you adapt the Backscatter optical snoot to a Z330?? Please post some pictures of your DIY!! How are the results??
  12. Thank you very much Chris, your explanation is very clarifying. I will explore the UCL-67 too. I think this can be a good option for an "all in one" setup, and quite compact for travelling. By the way, do you have experience with the WWW-C?? I supose the image quality can't compare with a good wide angle or fisheye + a good glass dome, but I have read that some wet lenses equal, or even improve the iq.... Thank you very much, for me, as a begginer, it is a blessing to have the support of people with your knoledge.
  13. Hello, I am planning to use a 15-45 zoom on my fuji x-t3, probably paired with the WWL-C for wide angle. I was wondering the macro capabilities of the XC 15-45 if paired with a wet macro lens, i.e. the CMC-1. The minimum working distance of the lens is 5,1" at 15mm and 13,8" at 45mm, and the reproduction ratio is 1:4,2 So, what is suposed to get with a wet macro converter on a non macro lens??? Shorter working distance?? Bigger reproduction ratio?? Has someone any experiences in this topic?? Thank you!!
  14. The overall exposure is too high tnan is difficult to get black background when snooting. If I follow the 180° rule my shutter speed is 1/50, even at f16 this means too much exposure. I think a ND on my port would help with this. Anyway, I am not an expert on video, nor in photography, just trying to experiment... Any thoughts about this will be welcomed!!! (If I shoot with any film simulation, velvia, Astia, Eterna... , the iso starts at 160, but on fLog it drops to 640)
  15. The ND filters look an interesting area to experiment, for me. I want to shoot video this season, and the base iso when shooting flog in my X-T3 is 640, which is way too high for some creative macro shooting. Do you have any suggestions about good and cheap 67mm ND filters??
  16. Ok, then I misunderstood you!! It could be nice for video, too. By the way, are you planning to pair the 15-45 with any wet diopter, or just WWL??
  17. Hello froop!! I was talking about My Menu, not IQ menu. You can find it in USER SETTING >>> MY MENU SETTING. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t2/shortcuts/my_menu/index.html When you set it, you have a custom tab with your prefered menu options. And yes, I took those pics with the 80mm macro, it is my only underwater setup right now. Still trying to decide my wide setup. Best Regards!!
  18. I am glad to hear about your successfull dive!! Be carefull with that switch!! I allways check it after a dive having it in the wrong possition. Very frustrating not to be able to focus something closer to 0,5m!!! Due to my old (50) eyes I allways use the viewfinder. Moreover, i have set "Image display" in continous. This way I can check the result quite accuratelly while the strobe is recharging. Then half press the shutter and I am ready for the next shot. I dream of a 45° viewfinder!! I have this, and the rest of things I have to change when the camera goes to "dive" mode, in "My Menu". This way I never forget to change any important settings. You can use the EF-X8 in manual flash too. Here some pics taken with the Backscatter Mini Flash (manual only) Hope this helps!!
  19. Great to hear that!! I am sure you will get good results very soon. As for the 80mm macro, did you order the focus gear, or you are going to use auto modes?? And please, let me know how the 15-45/WWL-C perform, once you have tested it. Best Regards.
  20. Hello again, froop, Yes, you are right, the joystick can be pressed, but not moved. I move the focus point with the d-pad (selector buttons). Here in Spain we have a guy that makes printed custom gears at a very reasonable price. He can adapt virtually any lens, provided there is enough room between the lens and the port. I am sure that there is someone in your area that does the same. As I mentioned before, I asked Nauticam about some possible combinations for macro-wide, MWL-1 and SMC or CMC with some lens options. One is the Canon EF-S 35mm 2.8 + Fringer adapter. I got a super fast answer of Phil Burghard, telling me that is not a crazy idea, it is just not tested. He sugested me the 15-45 option. It could be nice to know if someone has paired the MWL-1 with a lens broader than 60mm equivalent. Possibly the result is too much vigneting?? On the other hand, if you don't need a very broad angle, the Zeiss touit 50mm macro (yes, very expensive and not stabilization) gives you 110° paired with the MWL-1. As you probably know, Fringer makes another adapter, Nikon-Fuji. Unfortunatelly, it has an non removable tripod shoe (I think it has electronics inside) that makes impossible to put the camera inside the housing. I am waiting for other adapters brands, with a diferent form factor that makes possible to adapt nikon lenses. I hope this help, and ask witout hesitation, I'll be glad to try to help you with my little knowledge. If you finally decide to go for the Fuji+Nauticam option please let me know it, it will be nice to share experiences in the unknown underwater Fuji world. Best Regards
  21. Hello @froop, sorry I didn't write earlier, didn't notice your question Before all, please forgive my english, I am spanish, long time since I got my last english lesson, just youtube and uw photography forums, so it is a little bit rusted. Anyway I'll try to do my best. As I stated before, I am a newcomer in UW photography, so I don't have experience with other equipement that the one I own. And I have to say that taking pictures underwater with the Nauticam X-T3 is a real Joy. As the camera is so customizable, you can set your prefered settings on the different buttons and commands offered by the housing. The only button you can't press is the Fn2. So you can operate your xt3 nearly as good as in land, fully adapted to your style. You know the image quality of the camera, so I won't talk about that. Regarding the experiences with the 80mm macro: I used it mainly for photographing nudis, and the different focus modes worked very well, even in continous focus. I had to illuminate the subject with an additional torch (weefine small) because I was usually shooting at f16 or f22, and the focus light of the Backscatter MF wasn't enough. I plan to add a focus gear, because I want to shoot video and I think that manual focus will work better for that. I am also planning to grow my kit, having a wide-macro setup. I wrote to Nauticam yesterday, asking about different options around the MWL-1. They have answered me today, telling me the 15-45 can work with the CMC-1, so I can mount both, the CMC-1 and the MWL-1 on the double flip holder. They also told me there are more options than possibly work, but haven't been tested. The fuji lenses lineup is growing every day, with the addition of third party lenses, and adapters, like the fringer (I asked Fringer about the Tokina 10-17 compatibility, but they haven't tested it yet), so I think that in the near future I am going to have more options, not just the ones listed in Nauticam 's port chart. This is the beggining of my underwater photography journey, I don't know if in the future I will go to a more usual brand, what I know is that I am enjoying my actual kit a lot, I kill for having the opportunity to take it underwater, I am getting very good results (considering that have still A LOT to learn) and I have zero regrets about the decision I took buying my Fuji-Nauticam kit. I hope this can help you, please don't hesitate to ask for more detailed information.
  22. Hello Joel. Just curious about your final decision. I am a newcomer in UW photography, but last year I fell in love with a Fujifilm X-T3, so I decided to bring it underwater. My setup is Fuji x-t3 + Fujinon 80mm macro + Nauticam housing + Backscatter mini flash. I have to say that I am very happy with this combo, but have to admit that I don't have experience in the wide angle side. There are options, fujinon 10-24 f4 or 8-16 f2.8, or you can adapt the tokina 10-17. Anyway, just curious. Cheers. Elipe.
  23. Hello all!! My name is Felipe. After long time diving, last summer I started with my underwater photography journey. Learning and more learning, and thanks to wetpixel many doubts solved. I hope I can post some pics very soon.
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