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  1. Hey, I have been entertaining the idea of building an underwater video housing and I have seen some "plans" on the internet. Everyone is using PVC pipe for the housing body. I have found some acrylic that would work fine. Has anyone built a housing? If so... How did it turn out? Eric
  2. Thx for all the advise. I didn't give the bumping or floating a thought. Even though the PT10 will be a little bigger, I do agree that it will provide more protection and this reason alone is enough for me. Any advise on using a pt10? OR is it just following the directions? Damn! I just a let a PT10 that was on ebay slide. It went for 127.00. I guess I will have to watch for another. Thx for the help.
  3. Hey, I just need some advice. I have a Oly c3000z and want to have the option of using it in or around the water. I do a lot of kayaking and I think the camera will be in the boat most of the time. I am also headed to the Dominican on vacation and would like to get some snorkling photos in. I think my housing will be used mostly to keep moisture, dirt and the like away from my camera, however I want to use it in shallow water too (30ft). OK, with that said. The only two housings that are in my price range are the PT-010 and the bag option. The PT-010 really makes me nervous for some reason. I have read a few reviews that included some leakage. Do I need a housing like this when the camera may not actually used in the water? IE: Taking pics from the deck of a fishing boat. The "Bag" seems silly, but I like the idea for some reason. It seems less complicated and less prone to failure. The price on the two units are pretty close. SO... help me out here. What are you experiences with either. Are my worries about the PT-010 ligit? THX for the help... this is a great group. Eric
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