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  1. Well its looks like the consensus is that I might as well start a second job in order to afford a couple of Sea and Sea strobes or the INON z-330's. I'm already into this new upgrade the cost of a small new car, why stop now. Thanks for all the replies, I'm sure in the end, I'll be very pleased with the results.
  2. It's time to move out of the GoPro life and move up to a higher quality of video and photo images. I'm building my underwater setup. I have very little knowledge about proper photo strobes. I don't want to jump off into spending $400-$800 per strobe. I'll be looking at used units to start off with then progress into better units in time. My primary focus is Macro with general short distance wide angle reef photography. My set consists of the following: Nikon Z-7 Nauticam Housing Sigma 14mm wide angle with 8" dome port Sigma 105mm macro lens with macro port Kraken Mini Solar Flare 12000 video strobes (x2) Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've been diving for about 12 years. I've taken UW pics via GoPro but want to move into a more professional grade of images and video. My knowledge of cameras, settings, gear, etc. is limited but slowly getting better thanks to youtube as well as sites like Wetpixel.com. Looking forward to all the knowledge I can gain from the experts here.
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