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  1. Of course - my first hint should've been the warm water reference! Washington is cccoolllddd Welcome and thank you for the gentle correction.
  2. Ray trace - I dive in WA all the time! ( Washington-right?) Welcome!
  3. Thanks for your help Chris. I notice in my strobe (YS-D2) instruction manual that the strobes for my camera, which are the M5 have to be set to a B mode. After 5 minutes, or if I turn the strobe off, the B mode is erased. Annoying. I really have to rhyme or reason as to why it's working now and seemingly not in the mode-set. After I had tried Bill's suggestion (which didn't solve the problem) then went back to just putting the strobes on manual with 2 lightning bolts and putting my camera flash setting to fill in - it worked. Who knows?? It just seems as if it's very inconsistent. So, if it happens that I can't get my camera and strobes to synch for manual settings, I shall do as you suggest. BTW - I love your pic! Thanks Chris
  4. I'm giving you the time - you"ll know why. 4:00 I know it shouldn't be hard and it just baffles me. I have interchanged the fiber optic cables, made sure they are Sea and Sea brand. It worked when I had the strobes set to TTL just fine. The cable did not trigger the strobes on any manual setting. On my camera I have fill in, red eye-fill in, 2nd curtain and manual with the 1/8 etc. settings. I had always been told to use fill in as it was like "always flashed". So I changed it to that manual setting 1/16 and, again, no luck. BUT, and this is a big BUT, I was following the strobe manual that said that I had to reset my strobes to match my camera - Mode B - (almost every other camera is factory default). now 4:45 So, on the off chance, I changed it back to fill in, just set the strobes for manual (now changing it to that B mode) - two lightening bolts and lo and behold it works like it should! I don't have an explanation - I'm just thrilled that now, after two years, I can use the manual setting on my strobes!!!! Thanks for the reply and your input Bill. Kerry
  5. I have an Olympus omd e mark II and am having a heckuva time getting the manual setting on the strobe to work.( Sea and sea ys d2). I have to reset the factory default setting on the strobe to “B” which is a feat in itself. I either get strobes that do not change light intensity with the changing of the light meter setting on the strobe or the strobe does not fire on either strobe manual setting (the internal flash does fire) but does fire on ttl. I have consulted many folks and we all are perplexed. Help!
  6. I’m kerry Edwards and am a scuba diver of 11 years ( as of 2021), with over 1000 dives. I’m an underwater photographer of 8 years. I love to practice my photography and diving, read and talk about it and learn from others. I’m excited to become a part of the generous wepixel community!
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