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  1. How you did it? My lens looks exactly like yours, I tried EVERYTHING but no results. Maybe I'm wrong in the way to apply so I'd like to know how you proceeded on that! Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Mackman, I did it as you suggest. After drying it is shining. But after running water to clean it, everything looks pretty the same. Or little little improved. How many times should I repeat the "gesture"?
  3. Unfortunately I tried but nothing changed. Same bad luck with the polish, no visible results. some other tips? I pallied eveything 3 times. Should I do it more times?
  4. Hi Chris, I did exactly as you suggested and if I rinse my lens after drying up the polish, everything is pretty much the same. Did someone ele notice the same behaviour? Cheers
  5. Hi everyone. I joined wetpixel beacuse it helped me in different issue so I 'd like also to share my experiences. Thanks again guys! Daniele
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