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  1. I have for sale X-T3 housing from SeaFrogs. I used it 5 times to 30m depth in South Egipt. It didn't leak and work perfectly. I had it with flat port but I'm selling it with new Dome Port which never saw water. Price is 400 Euro + Shipment. So it is in perfect condition. Location: Poznan, Poland Cheers Peter
  2. I really would like to see some comparisons on similar compositions made one with strobe second with flash. I have very old two flash lights and thinking about upgrade. My video lights 4000 lumen each are to poor to photography. Is it possible to use lets say - at clean coral reefs - 2 x 10000 lumen lights - iso 200-800 - aperture 2.8-5.6 and get colors and sharp image in few meters distance at 25 deep meters where blue is dominating with APSC or Full Frame camera?
  3. Hello. Peter from Poland, PoznaƄ here. Occasional diver and photographer. I'm with Wetpixel from few years but I don't remember my previous account. I like to read news about underwater photography and hardware so I'm regular gest here. I bought long time ago one underwater case here. Nice to be here again. Diving and going travel 1-2 times per year. Was in few nice places like Lembeh, Bangka, Comodo, Bali, Marsa Alam, Sail Rock. Looking for more in future I started with old Nimar housing and Canon 550D. Later Recsea/Nauticam SONY NEX-5T. Now trying some Seafrogs housings because their affordable price with Fuji and two strobes and two 4000 lumen video lights. Cheers! Have a nice day.
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