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  1. @oneyellowtang Oh wow okay that could be great! I will wait and see if anyone has a cap laying around already but if not I will certainly take you up on printing one. Thank you so much!
  2. @onokai If you did have a sense laying around I would love it!
  3. Hi Stu, Wow thank you so so much! this is so helpful. If you do end up having a lens cap too that would be awesome. If not though no worries and thank you for the advice!
  4. Hello! I recently just purchased my first every Nikonos V and I am beyond excited to start shooting with it. Before I take it in the water though I want to get it professionally serviced to ensure it is waterproof and the O rings are nice and fresh. From my research it looks like the only places that will service nikonos V are pacific housing repair and Narcosis. I wondered if anyone had experience with either of these companies or had any other recommendations. I live in New England so repair places nearer to here would be ideal (if they exist). Additionally, I am curious about servicing the factory installed O-rings. How concerned should I be with those? Also i have seen that you need a professional to service those but I am wondering how accurate that is? Last, I am in dire need of a Nikon Nikonos 35mm F2.5 UW Front Lens Cap. from poking around online it seems that these are in short supply and high in cost. Does anyone have recommendations on where to get my hands on one or a good replacement that might work? thanks so much! Hannah
  5. Hello, I am a surfer and white water kayaker and I just took the dive (no pun intended) into underwater film photography with the purchase of a nikonos V. I have been doing both analog and digital photography for a number of years now so I am excited for this new next step! I am here in the hopes of getting advice on shooting underwater as well as maintenance for my camera! Best, Hannah
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