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  1. But is the image quality on par with the 28-70? the sharpness etc. Im planning for a trip to Tonga and wondering which lens I should be carrying whether the 28-70 or 24-50.
  2. @dreifish Have you got the chance to test it underwater and do comparison between the ef 28-70mm and rf 24-50mm with the wacp1? Im waiting for the zoom rings from nauticam, but won't get to test them until next month end. Would love to see the comparison between the two.
  3. OH ok ok got it. So even though the size of the dome is pretty small, these should be fine for split photography right?
  4. I'm sorry but the pictures Ive just uploaded has come out really bad when I uploaded. It seems to have lowered the resolution/ quality of the pictures. Any way I could upload full resolution files?
  5. Hey so I finally took the plunge and got myself the WACP-1. I haven't had chance to take it diving or underwater yet. However I just played around with the wacp on land to figure out the focusing on air and to my surprise it really focused well though it didn't produce a crisp image through out the frame but I personally feel this is pretty good for a lens that was said won't focus in air. Ive attached a couple of pictures just to show the result. Would these pictures qualify for a good focusing example for the wacp1 in air? Would love to hear others thoughts on this, could this be blind luck or if the lens can focus like this on land can't it be used for split photos too? Camera- Canon R5 Lens ef 28-70 3.5-4.5
  6. Thanks a lot Phil and Chris, Thanks giving me such an in depth information. Really appreciate your quick and in depth replies.
  7. Thanks Chris, More than the cost im worried about the weight of the wacp2. It is definitely pricey but I guess that comes at the cost of such a fine piece of glass but just thinking about lugging around such a heavy equipment in addition to the weight of the housing the strobes and video lights is what has got me concerned. Im from India and there aren't any nauticam dealers around here nor in easy to get to countries like Dubai where I could see the lenses in person. Coming back to the 15-35mm do you think ill get better corner sharpness if I were to get a wider dome port like a 230mm ? Really appreciate your quick replies and feedbacks, thanks.
  8. Yeah my main concerns are as follows the autofocus being the main concern whether it will work seamlessly with the r5 secondly whether nauticam might release a wacp1 suited for the rf lenses, in such a case will I still be able to use the old wacp with any rf lenses. would you happen to know anyone at nauticam that might be able to throw some light on any of their future development? Thanks Chris, Best wishe Vinay
  9. Thanks you and sorry I should have been more clear. Yes I mainly meant the 28-70 f3.5-4.5 II, how good it works with the r5 and whether anyone has experience with it. I was also considering the RF 24-70 but I mailed nauticam and they said it can't be used because the zoom range extends beyond the front element of the wacp so again it can't be used. So I was wondering whether the RF 24-70 can be adapted to use with the wacp maybe with an extender of sorts
  10. Hey sorry in advance for repeating the same question. Im currently using the canon r5 with the rf 15-35mm in a nauticam housing behind a 180mm dome port. Im planning a trip to Tonga and few other other places that benefit from a wider field of view and that would benefit from a close focus wide angle shot. I do both videos and well as photos and im not sure whether I should get the canon 28-70 lens or just stick with my current setup. My only concern with respect to the ef 28-70 is how well it would work with the r5 in terms of image stabilisation and auto focus capability. Another Justin I had is, is the sigma 18-35 compatible with the r5? if so what adaptor should I be using ? any leads would be really appreciated. Sorry if im asking questions that haas already been answered.
  11. Thanks so much for the honest feedback mate. I guess you're right, I need to prioritise what my account should associate with and not simply post every picture I take.
  12. No sorry that's not me. My instagram is @itsfinmatt
  13. Hi, Apologies in advance if this topic has been discussed already. Im a little late to the wetpixel family. So far Ive been using instagram and over last 1 year or so I havent seen any growth in the platform. so I went and created by own website to showcase my portfolio as well as a YouTube page to upload a little bit of cinematography I've been trying out. Anyone has any suggestions on how to tackle these social media platforms from the standpoint of a photographer? and how do you get word out about your portfolio, I wish to one day sell some of my prints as fine art (though they don't look great now I hope to improve my skills)
  14. Hi, My name is Vinay Mathew, im from India. friends call me Vinny or Vinmatt and this later changed to finny after I lost a fin while diving at Darwins arch (now known as Pillars of evolution) in Galapagos. Ive been diving for about 4 years and picked up a camera as diving got me interested in photography. I've been serious about underwater photography for about the past 2 years and ever since the pandemic hit, I havent been able to travel much so had been focusing on what I can find around my backyard/ garden and a pond I have in the garden. I started with a fuji xt2 and now I have the canon r5 in a nauticam housing with 2 sea and sea ysd2 strobes and 2 keldan 4x video lights. Best wishes Vinay instagram @itsfinmatt Website @www.itsfinmatt.com
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