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  1. Everything is sold except for arms/clamps and Sony 6500 camera. Please contact me if you have interest.
  2. I'm the original owner of the equipment below. Equipment has seen approximately 60 dives (30 dives Lembeh in 2018 and 30 dives Komodo in 2019). Package includes Sony 6500 camera, Nauticam housing, Nauticam ports, arms, clamps, focus light, lanyard, battery chargers, arm floats, and Sony 90 mm macro lens. Also includes Nauticam vacuum pump (not pictured). Note: Camera package DOESNT include strobes. Asking $3,500 USD. At this time I'm only willing to separate package only if it includes housing. For example, housing only, housing + camera, etc. Thanks for looking.
  3. Not sure if your still in the market or not but I have a Nauticam housing for a Sony 6500 for sale. I'm the original owner and its seen about 60 dives (30 dives Komodo and 30 dive Lembeh). Just wanted to make you aware.
  4. Great information! Thank for taking the time to make/share.
  5. Yep. I agree to the above. It looks like many of us our in the same "boat".
  6. Dear fellow shutterbugs - this is my first post on WP but I've been a long-term lurker. Hopefully thy word reopens soon and we'll have plenty of updates to share.
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