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  1. I have a higher end camera and housing. Canon mk 3 and Nauticam. It is complete ready to go in the water
  2. I have a complete system for sale. Canon 5D mk lll and Nauticam housing. Everthing but strobes.
  3. How do you upload any pictures or video if the limit is less than 1 meg.
  4. I have a virtually unused Nauticam/ Canon 5D with 60mm macro lens and Nauticam port for sale. Everything except the strobes.
  5. I'm having trouble with the snap on mounts. The ball and mask mounts work fine. The vaquita is much easier to use given the view finder and much better video quality.
  6. I'm working on my videos/photos from Tiger Beach. I don't believe I can upload them here due to size limits.
  7. I have a lightly used (once in salt water) Canon 5D lll/ Nauticam rig for sale. Canon 5D lll camera with 60mm macro lens and 24-70mm zoom lens. The camera has about 2,500 releases. The lenses are new/never used. The Nauticam housing includes macro port, zoom/focus rings for lenses and TTL stobe trigger. The housing supports all Canon 5D series and has been in saltwater only once. I do not have the extension tube or port for the 24-70mm lens. Will sell just the housing, ports, rings and trigger for $4,500. Entire set up for $7,000. All gear is in excellent condition and 100% working order. I'm old and the system is just to big for me. Buy entire system and get 2 carbon fiber float arms a shipping free.
  8. The quality of video from the Vaquita is stunning. In my opinion better than GoPro. But I could not get the location or dive profto work. Also, unable to get any of the clip mounts to attach the Vaquita to any of my mounting accessories. This makes it hard to hold steady enough to remove camera shake in post.
  9. Has anybody used a Paralenz vaquita in the field yet. I used mine on a live aboard in the Bahamas and have mixed results.
  10. I'm a Canon guy. I use the 5D lll in a Nauticam housing. Since I do mostly large animal pictures I use the Canon 24-70mm image stabilizer with Retra strobes. Very happy with it. I also use a Canon 60mm macro.
  11. Hi, Tom Rainey here, currently in Central Virginia, USA. Been a diver/photographer for about 50 years. Just came back from an utterly awesome trip with Jim Abernethy's shark diving. I prefer large animals in the sea or on land. Look forward to using the site. Can I insert pictures and videos from my device. I sold my url recently.
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