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  1. Tom, are you able to post any of your video? I recently received a Vaquita which I'd ordered mid-2020 after diving with a couple who were using the original Paralenz a couple of months before lockdown. Lots of what I've seen from the Vaquita so far has left me concerned, but your comment on the video quality is encouraging. We're heading for St Croix later this month and I expect to give it a workout. By the way--to attach the ballhead or any of the other accessories, use the two splines directly opposite the power switch (or any other pair, but that would start to get confusing pretty quick, at least for me). The ballhead clamps on with two little hex bolts (and seems rock-solid), and on the other gizmos, the end with the rubber strap hooks into one spline, wraps around and hooks on to the prong. --Rick
  2. Greetings. Wetpixel's a great resource, and I pledge not to drag the level down too far. I've been diving for 43 years, although most seriously since 2012, when I discovered corrective lenses for masks and micro 4/3 photography. --Rick
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