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  1. Hiya friends and colleagues! My name is Erika, I'm a submarine pilot by day and a data scientist by night. I'm currently studying Machine Learning to scale up the conservation work I do as a sub pilot. I'm studying computer vision at the moment, which does object detection, and I'm building a lionfish detection/tracking computer vision program for my capstone project. To be successful, i'm building up a database of lionfish video snippets to train my model. Do you have video of lionfish you'd be willing to add to my repository? In particular i'm looking for clips that have lionfish in them around 10 seconds in duration. A clip or two from the same shoot, but without lionfish, would be an added bonus. Ideally i'm looking for about 100 clips in total from different locations, angles, time of day, etc, the more diverse my repository, the better my engine with learn! Right now I have 20 clips, the more the merrier! Every 1 counts. If you have a clip you are willing to share please email me: erikabergman@gmail.com. Google drive, dropbox, direct email, anything works. Thank you!
  2. Hello underwater enthusiasts! My name is Erika, I'm a submarine pilot and I love making videos above and below sea level. I enjoy the techy side of cameras, hardware, software, and of course the engineering side of piloting submarines. Looking forward to following along with folk's adventures!
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