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  1. Has anyone used the new Canon 17-85mm EF-S lens underwater yet? I just purchsed a new 400D with that lens and before I purchased a new housing and dome, wanted to see if anyone had tried it yet. I'm going to purchase the IkeliteE-TT2 housing and saw that they make a special dome just for this lens. I normally shot in less than 40 FSW shore diving around Maui Hawaii. I have not been able to decide between the Ikelite DS-51 or DS-125 strobe yet, but am leaning towards the DS-125. Any input would be very much appreciated. B)
  2. This sounds strange, but it was the only way I got one new mask to stop fogging up. You can actually see the mold release burn off from the glass, then scub with ajax or Bartenders friend - you now have a clean glass surface.
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