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  1. Like New. Includes Original Box, Padded Case, Manual, Parts. This housing is for the Canon 5D Mark IV with original O-Rings, Grease, Allen Keys, Electric Connectors, User Manual, Padded Carrying Case and Box. It has very little signs of wear. No major scratches or rust anywhere. Never flooded. I estimate it has 30 dives on it. Everything is in excellent condition. Please contact me for any questions or additional photos. $2,900 USD
  2. This listing includes Keldan 4X Video Light (9,000 lumens), clamp, ball mount, battery and charger, original box and user manual. This is a very lightly used light as can been seen in the photos. No scratches anywhere. Also includes a brand new Keldan M1 Ambient Light Filter for use with this light which has NEVER been used. Please contact me for any questions.
  3. I just a got a Pelican Air case that holds everything - minus battery chargers. It's big. About the size of a large check on, and it does weigh 48 pounds full. With that said, I have no problem checking it and even paying for an extra bag. After many years of carrying batteries and parts in my pockets, I finally figured out it's only like 20 to 40 dollars to check it as an extra. On SWA it's free
  4. I do mine each time I change the batteries - most of the time! Sometimes I just skip it change batteries and go again. But no matter what I clean and add a dash of grease at the end of each day.
  5. It is worth a try. My favorite way to shoot wrecks wide angle is with no strobes. For manual settings bump up the ISO as high as you can while still retaining image quality and keep the aperture as high as you can to keep sharpness. When inside or when shooting s small part of the wreck I use strobes.
  6. Hello All, I'm a PADI Underwater Photography Instructor. I've been diving about 20 years now and have done a couple thousand dives. I started out as a NAUI Asst Instructor teaching in Monterey, CA and logged around 500 dives in California. The rest of my dives have been abroad in Indonesia, Cozumel and Fiji (my favorite spots) plus many others. Cheers, Joe
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