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  1. I'm familiar with Chris Ross and will wait for his advice, especially if the alternative is over $500 and over a month's wait. If I had a good deep place to dive, stuffing it full of toilet paper and going to 60+ feet would probably work. In Ohio, quarry diving is miserable until April and they probably aren't deep enough anyway. I planned to try this summer but never got the chance. I completely fail to understand the physics here. If it leaks immediately at 60 feet with very little vacuum, and that a pressure difference of 30psi, then it should leak immediately with 30psi of vacuum on the surface, right? Maybe the Nauticam pump isn't strong enough to pull 30psi, but their are no leaks with the strongest vacuum I can get for 48 hours but it leaks in 5 minutes every time 60 feet down with normal use.
  2. Either I misunderstand what this device is, or it is the same thing Nauticam already has built into the housing. The housing does not leak at surface pressures. I imagined using something like a pressure cooker with a bicycle valve, fill it 3/4 with water, and add air until around 30 psi. I could probably make something like this, but for far more money and time than just having the housing rebuilt.
  3. I bought a used 6300 Nauticam housing, but was disappointed that it leaked on my trip. It does not leak at surface pressure - even 48 hours in a bucket randomly pushing buttons, but it leaks right away below about 60 feet. Nauticam offers a full overhaul, including "pressure testing" if I ship the housing back to them, and I may go that route. But I wondered if there was a way to pressure test this at home? Obviously throwing it until a pressure cooker is a bad idea, but there should be some sort of vessel I can buy and pressurize with a pump. Any ideas?
  4. I am a new member interested in buying something in the classifieds, so it is ridiculous I am forced to introduce myself. However this is a great community and I may use it in the future. I am a long time hobbyist photographer, more recently a scuba diver, and only looking into getting into serious scuba photography.
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