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  1. I was halfway through a dive this weekend with my Sea & Sea YS-D1, had been taking a few shots slightly below full power. Nothing I had not done many times before. I heard faint pop sound and suddenly strobe would not fire. It turns on, can be set to different modes (ttl, preflash, no-preflash) fine and status LED shows normal red or blue color. The built in focus light also works as normal and capacitor charge noise can be heard. Everything looks right except strobe does not fire. No water was in battery compartment after dive. Fiber optic cable seems to be fine. I tried to trigger strobe by holding camera flash directly up to the light sensor and have not been able to trigger it. Flash tube of strobe is not obviously burnt, but when I look closely I see two faint small flecks of what looks to be glass shards in there. Seems like the flash tube must have broken. Bought the strobe lightly used 2 years ago, pretty disappointed it only lasted 200 dives. Anyone know if this would be worth repairing? Looks like it may be time to upgrade, looking at the Inon Z330 or trying to pick up a used YS-D2J.
  2. Outstanding. Love the GPOs, big yelloweye rockfish, and tiny puget sound king crab. Great edit too.
  3. Hi everyone, Just made an account after lurking here for a while. Really appreciate the wealth of information this forum has for underwater photographers. I just passed dive number 500 last week! Most of my diving is in Washington and Hawaii. I'm slowly stepping up my game as an underwater photographer. May be looking to get involved with the classified section soon.
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